AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet Review

The Amazon Basics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet is a type of safe that you can use to secure your precious items for example money, hand guns,important documents,precious jewelry and maybe electronics for instance cameras, laptops mobile phones and flash disks. It can also be used to keep more than one handgun plus their respective ammunition to prevent unauthorized access by your children or other people

This is mainly because the digital access best gun safe has some amazing features that you can exploit in a bid to making your items safe. The safe is made of steel and this provides the guarantee that it would be hard for someone to break into the safe because steel is usually durable ensuring that the safe will be long lasting too and in addition to this there is a two inch door which makes it hard to penetrate.

AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet Review

It features two live door bolts and pry resistant concealed hinges which ensure that no one will try opening it by breaking the hinges or trying to open the door using foreign objects like clips. A re-programmable digital access system has been put in place to enable you to secure the safe using codes and an electronic display included that shows whether the safe is locked, unlocked or has low battery since it uses 4AA size batteries.

This digital access also ensures a quick setup and easy operation as codes are used and two override keys are provided to be used whenever you forget the code or the when the batteries are dead. Mounting on any type of permanent surface has also been taken care of because mounting holes have been provided plus 4 bolts for the mounting on the back and on the bottom part and it can be permanently mounted on the floor, wall, shelf or any other permanent place to prevent it from being stolen and carried away.

In terms of space the safe provides the users with enough space as it is 0.5 cubic foot and the dimensions are 13.8 by 9.8 by 9.8 which ideally would makes many of the valuables compatible. It weighs 16.5 pounds and this makes it a light safe which can be used in a variety of locations for example offices and home environments and contains a carpeted floor that ensures that valuables that don't need scratching for instance documents, jewelry, cash and electronics will not be scratched because surface is smooth.

An adjustable interior shelf is also provided to provide efficiency when safe keeping items of small and large sizes in that it can be adjusted to support the items. The safe's black color gives it a good look and therefore it can be blended with home and office equipment ensuring that the beauty of these places is maintained. The safe in light of this awesome features also has some downsides learn more.

First of the keypad is not lighted and therefore cannot be accessed in the dark when in situations which don't require putting on the light for example break ins and the keypad also beeps which is also not good for these tricky situations. Keypad is also made of plastic which makes it appear cheap. The rear part of the safe is not thick enough and the door is only three millimeters and this makes it a not highly secure safe because even though a person trying to break it will have trouble, he will eventually hack it.

It is not also fireproof and water proof and this poses great danger to valuables like documents and electronics and the jewelry. The door of the safe only opens ninety degrees and even though most items would fit through it would be problematic to place larger items like 14 inch laptops and would require to insert them on an angle.

During Usage you need to enter your code then turn the knob clockwise to open the safe. The Amazon Basics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet is therefore a good safe to protect your valuables from unauthorized access for example children and its cheap price offers you a great deal for money. lt is also ideal for a number of locations for example offices, homes and boats and therefore it offers convenience because of its color, weight and dimensions and the provision of the mounting features.

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