Are Gun Safes Easy To Break Into?

Since you’re reading this, we’re assuming that you’re planning on buying a gun safe and you’re wondering “Are gun safes easy to break into?” Sorry to disappoint, the answer is yes. No safe in the world no matter how big or expensive it may be, it cannot be called unbreakable.

A gun safe is nothing but some thin plates of metal (steel). And the safe is hollow inside. So, a sled hammer, hatchet, or crowbar can easily smash it open.

Nowadays thieves and burglars have found some innovative ways of breaking into gun safes. Let’s have a look at how safe your gun safe really is!

Are Gun Safes Easy To Break Into?

It’s a tricky question. Whether or not a gun safe is easy to break into, depends completely on the build quality of the gun safe. If it’s well-built, durable, and made out of high-quality materials, then no, it won’t be easy to break into that safe.

With that out of the way, we should warn you that most of the gun safes that are in the market right now are quite easy to break into, unfortunately. The gun safe manufacturers have marketed their products to be more secured than they actually are.

And a lot of the gun owners buy a gun safe thinking that it’s absolutely secured and no one can ever break into it. That simply isn’t true and you shouldn’t be overly reliant on your gun safe.

How Easy Is It?

How long do you think it will take for someone to break into your gun safe while you’re out of your home? A burglar could also lock pick your safe while you’re sleeping. It may not be as easy as it’s shown in Hollywood movies, but it can be done.

An amateur thief most likely won’t be able to pry open your gun safe. But if an experienced burglar can get his hands on your safe, then you’ll be in a lot of trouble. Given enough time and resources, any safe can be broken into.

Let me put it this way, when you’re buying a gun safe, you’re not purchasing it to make your guns and other valuables absolutely secured. In reality, you’re just buying time. The better the quality of the safe, the harder it will be for an intruder to break into it.

Here are a few methods that burglar/thieves use in order to break into a gun safe:

Using A Saw

You might not even have considered this, but someone can take a chainsaw and cut the safe open. This is done by cutting near the sides of the gun safe. The steel is slightly slender around those parts and a saw can cut into it.

And the worst part is that it’s not even that difficult. A simple $10 saw can do the trick.

By Attacking The Firearm Safe Handle

A brute force attempt to the safe’s handle can break it wide open. If the robber tries to forcefully break the handle, it will cause the safe’s inner locking system to break and thus giving access to the safe to the robber.

Pivot Attack

This approach is almost guaranteed to break the safe open if it does not have secured pivots. The criminal will try to break into the safe by detaching the pivots from the safe.

However, if your safe has two-fold-sided joints, then the robber won’t be able to open the safe even if he eliminates the pivots.

Using A Plasma Cutter  

If the burglar is dedicated to his craft, then he’ll surely try to cut open the safe using a plasma cutter. I agree that this method is a bit extreme but it’s likely to happen.

A plasma cutter can easily slice through your steel gun safe and gain access to your valuables.  

Drilling Into The Safe

Another viable option for the burglar is to use a drill to bore into the safe. This is typically done on the locking face of the safe in order to bore into the locking system, which destroys the locking system and opens the entryway to the safe.

Bouncing It

If the gun safe is small in size and lightweight enough, the robber can just as easily throw it around like a tennis ball. If the safe isn’t durable enough, it’ll bounce open only after 2-3 drops.

However, if your safe has a safety-feature called re-locker, then it might be able to survive being bounced around. A re-locker system locks the locking bolts of the safe once it gets triggered by external forces.

Using A Hatchet

Although, opening a gun safe with a hatchet isn’t that effective but it can be done. A thief could use a hatchet to break open the steel plates of the safe. This method might not work on a lot of safes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to break into a cannon gun safe?

Cannon gun safes are -well-known in the community for being some of the most highly rated safes. They are extremely hard to break into, but it’s not impossible.

Can you open a safe with a magnet?

Actually, you can open a gun safe using a magnet provided that the magnet is powerful enough. But you have to use a rare earth magnet made of neodymium.

Can you open a gun safe with a hammer?

Yes, you can. A hammer can smash open a digital gun safe if you put enough pressure into the blow. You have to smack the safe near the keypad area.

How to open a digital safe?

You have to use the override key in order to open the safe. To use that key, you have to take out the removable panel of the safe.

Are electronic locks on guns reliable?

If you’re using a gun safe made by a renowned company then it shouldn’t be a problem. However, there are some cheap electric locks out there that aren’t reliable at all.

Final Verdict

You might have been lured into buying a gun safe by thinking that it’s secured and nobody can break into it. This is understandable as gun-safe companies have used some clever marketing tricks to make the people believe that their products are impenetrable.

Still, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy a gun safe. A gun safe can keep your guns protect in your house so that the children or any unwanted person can’t get access to your firearms. And a high-quality gun safe will keep it protected from a burglar to a certain extent.

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