BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe Review

The top opening biometric drawer gun safe has finger print control which can store up to 30 users. There are pre drilled on the bottom of the safe which allows the safe to be mounted into the floor, a counter top or on a shelf, as long as the surface lays flat. There are two solid steel locking bolts, with a motorized dead bolt lock system to keep your gun safe protected from unauthorized people’s prying hands. The interior of the gun safe includes a protective floor mat to keep the inside belongings safe and secure without getting damaged from any scratches or outside rattling. The packages includes back up keys for emergencies and a mounting hardware to make your life overall easier. The biometric safe comes with a one year limited warranty. You can look at the user manual for installation instructions and troubleshooting steps.

Safety Measures

The valuables and firearms will always be safe inside your biometric top opening safe as it fulfills and follows multiple steps in making the gun safe extra protective and secure against unauthorized personnel getting hold of your valuables. The biometric finger print security system can store up to 30 unique finger prints which can only be opened when a stored print is place in the biometric lock. No unauthorized person will ever get to snoop around in your valuable stuff. The biometric lock mechanism gets activated with the stored finger print and the hydraulic door system opens the safe’s door for easy access to your valuable stored items. The gun safe can also be opened with the included special access keys if your battery runs out and the gun safe shuts down without you noticing. The security features of the gun safe include a motorized dead bolt lock along with a heavy metal construction. The safe has pre drilled holes for being mounted into a flat surface which makes it extra secure as it means no one take just take away your safe with them and steal all your items.

Other than these, a floor mat is included with the gun safe to keep your valuable items and guns safely tucked inside without getting scratches or damages. This feature also helps in preventing rattling while moving the gun safe from anywhere, or during an earthquake.

Biometric Technology

The best biometric gun safe is most secure as it keeps all your valuables stored safely in your home. You will definitely have your peace of mind with the use of this gun safe as it has the biometric technology and can be opened with only up to 30 specifically stored finger prints of your choosing. The smaller dimensions of the gun safe makes sure that it can be kept out of reach of small hands of your curious little ones but will still be accessible to you.

Maintenance and Care

To maximize the performance and security of the gun safe, you need to keep your finger print scanner clean at all times. After every use, you need to use a dry cloth to remove any prints or smudges from the finger print scanner. You should also test and check the registered finger prints after every 6 months to find out if the stored finger prints are still working properly or not. When the door is closed and there are three repetitive beeps and the indicator lights flash red, you should know that it is indicating that the batteries are running low and you need to change them before the gun safe shuts down completely on its own.

What Is Included

With your Barska top opening biometric gun safe you will receive the biometric safe along with the mounting hardware and two emergency backup keys. There are pre drilled anchor points to allow you to permanently and safely secure your safe to the wall or floor or a shelf with the included mounting hardware. The package also includes the floor mat and four AA batteries, which can last for up to two years.

BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe


  • The safety measures of the gun safe make the belongings super protected and safe against outside factors.
  • The added floor mat adds to the security during moving the safe around or during an earthquake.
  • Biometric technology lets you store up to 30 unique finger prints.
  • Installation and troubleshooting is easy with easy to follow instruction manual.


  • The biometric technology is not responsive 100 percent of the time.
  • The safe is super heavy so you will be paying a lot in the shipping cost if you get a faulty unit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does the safe have a silent mode option to keep it at mute?

A: Yes it does. If you press and hold the red button on the side of the opening lid and hold it for ten seconds the lights on the top of the lid by the finger print scanner will flash green, indicating that now you are in the silent mode. You can turn it back on by repeating the steps.

Q: Does the door of the safe stay open without you having to hold it open?

A: Yes it does.

Q: Is this safe fire proof?

A: No, the gun safe is not meant for fire protection.

Q: Will this safe keep record of the finger print used last to get access?

A: No, the gun safe doesn’t store any records.


The Barska top opening biometric gun safe is an overall protected and nicely working gun safe that takes the security issues seriously. I think I like the performance so far as I have yet to face any problem with the finger print reading issues like many other users have complained about. I believe you should get this product for yourself if you have some valuables which you want to keep close to you, or for defensive purposes to keep your gun safe and away from unauthorized people or curious little kids.

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