Best Cheap Gun Safe Under 500 Dollars

“Affordable” “cheap” doesn’t go for negative significance. It is based on the characteristics of a product that we get at low price but is not of lousy quality. When you search for the best affordable gun safe, you are a price sensitive buyer who is about to get a good quality gun safe at lower price than the branded ones. There are huge types of gun safe categorized by price, size, uses, place to use, etc. So, from all of these, you can choose the best one which is most suitable for you.

In this content, we are going to create a list of the gun safes which are under 500 dollars. The gun safes can provide the best storage service for your secured firearms. This list covers different types of gun safes that include rifle storage, short gun storage, pistol storage or portable ones.

Best Cheap Gun Safe

We analyze lots of gun safes and finally, we got some best quality gun safe at affordable prices. Read below to know them well.

Product Image

Product Name


SnapSafe Under Bed Safe


This snap safe has the proper size availability to fit under the mattress. That means the foremost quality is that you not only can secure this but can hide the safe too.

You can store the jewelry, other valuables like passports, important documents, legal papers etc in this safe. All the things can get the secured place inside the safe.

The door is hard to break. So you can make the door safe from opening by the kids in the house. Besides this, the door cannot be opened easily by any outside heist.

You can place the store in a large vehicle too if you want to make this safe portable. It has both digital and electronic access for diverse users.

The installation is very easy. You can attach it to an object with the 3 feet cable. Additionally you can bolt it permanently to any place of your vehicles or home with the help of pre drilled bolt holes.


  • It is very well constructed
  • Well-constructed at this budget
  • Plenty of room inside
  • Very easy to unlock


  • Huge sound in the keypad when it is pressed
  • Metal in the upper side of the safe seems to be thin

Barska AX13100 4.33 Cubic Foot Keypad Rifle Safe


It is a long gun safe to store rifles inside. You can store around 8 rifles in the storage if no other accessories are kept. The safe comes with 2 removable racks and other accessories shelves too.

It has the electronic keypad and digital locking system. The keypad can be in a silent mode. The safe has 3 anchoring bolts to attach the safe to a solid thing.

The safe is operated with powerful AA batteries and if the charge reduces then there is a backup access through the keyhole.

The locking system is very easy; you can easily put pins and unlock the pins accordingly. You don’t have any complexity to open and close the lock.


  • Best quality for the price
  • Heavy gauge steel door
  • It can stand on its own
  • The interior place can be spacious by adjusting the racks and shelves
  • There are four locking bolts


  • Sometimes the inside mechanism is quite messy for some people

Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe


This security safe has come up with the right solution for the biometric safe that has external features created entirely to match your requirements. This is very sound in technology and safety.

You have the provision in the biometric safe to scan and save up to 32 fingerprints when lots of people are using the safe. A single PID code system is also present here.

This safe is even, straightforward to set up and it can fit anywhere perfectly. You can place it everywhere whether it is your home or your office.

It has the perfect size that can be adjusted to anywhere. A Battery indicator is available which alerts you about the charge current in it. There is four to nine digits pin code for which a keypad is present.


  • The fingerprint reading works really well.
  • Company delivery provision is very good within a Styrofoam.
  • If you keep open the door, it would provide an automatic beep every 15 to 20 seconds.
  • The battery has a long lasting life.
  • The material is scratch-free.


  • You have to add more security as it is not too heavy.
  • The electronics included are not good as directed.

Awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification


There are a couple of different ways you can use this safe. There is the fingerprint which pops it open or you get your code messed up. So it needs to be noted. Another way is to get a key to open the safe. Inside you can find a LED light to see the whole thing at nighttime to place the handgun properly.

You can put short handguns or mid - sized guns with some extra magazines in the safe. You can mount this safe in the end table or bedside or under the car seat in your own ways. The size is enough to make it portable.

The 14 gauge steel with salt coated makes the safe strong enough to be durable. It makes the safe strong enough that a burglar cannot open the safe easily.


  • Heavy duty material
  • Three different ways to open it with key password and fingerprint
  • Free gift of ear muffs.
  • Easy to lock and unlock.
  • The interior part has thick foam which makes it safe from mishaps.


  • There is a gap in the cover and through it the inside accessories can be seen.
  • Fingerprint working is questionable.

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe


The stealth handgun safe comes with a hanger for better portability and it is made of 10 gauge steel. The door is heavy with solid steel that cannot break out easily. The door has the piston assist inside that helps you hold the door and do other things.

The punch resistant housing can help the safe to add more security. So if the burglar is successful in breaking the lock, this doesn’t mean that he or she can open the safe.

You can bolt it in the drawer, night stand, under the bed with the help of four pre-drilled holes.  On the other hand, you can carry it with you wherever you need with the help of chrome plated handles


  • The color of LED light is nice to find with pistols.
  • The foam lining is awesome to hold the guns.
  • Enough spacious
  • Double security system
  • Heavy duty material all over


  • Sometimes the locking system goes messy, that door is locked unevenly and you have to put codes twice.

Buying Guide of Best Affordable Cheap Gun Safe

There are some factors that we have to consider before buying the best affordable gun safe. As you are choosing among the products of fewer prices but of optimum quality, then you have to go for searching the best gun safes very carefully.

Size of Safe

It depends on the size of the guns you have. There are lots of guns of different sizes and the safes are made according to the size of the guns. So it is very easy to find the proper size of the safe if you check the guns that you have. You may have the pistols, short gun, rifles or other long guns as firearms.

Place of Storing Safe

You may place it anywhere under the bed or end table or drawer, in the car; for this way of installing mounting is the best option. Each and every gun safe even if it is cheap has the option of mounting with different sized holes. You can get the screws too to install the safe there.

Sometimes, you may need a portable gun safe. You may be wondering if you can get it or not in such a low budget. But yes, you can achieve that gun safe which has the both options along with the portable feature.

Fire Rating or Not

Not all cheap gun safes can provide the fire seal or protection. If you need this feature then it’s better to check the manual. Moreover, search for the fire rating for about one hour, as less than one hour is not ideal for a gun safe.

Types of Locks

Some people are not used to biometric or fingerprint options or they find it difficult to operate. So for those types of users keypad lock is the best. Usually there are three different types of locking systems in gun safes; these are key lock, password, and biometric options.

There are some best gun safe under 500 dollars where you can get all three types of locking system. You can choose one among those as per your comfort.

Final Verdict

Affordable gun safes basically fall in the range of 500 dollars or less. The cheap price doesn’t demonstrate the cheap quality. Rather this range of price can offer the necessary quality that a mid-range user of gun safe seeks. You have to read the instructions carefully and preserve the gun safes in a place where it is hard to find. Stay safe and keep safe.

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