Best Gun Safe For Car Expert’s Buying Guide and Reviews

Recently, we have seen an increase of hijacking of cars. Also, stealing from the car is the biggest problem happening these years. That’s why you may want to keep a gun in your car as for security. But, keeping a pistol or gun without proper storing may attract burglars. That’s why we’ve come with the best car gun safe reviews to search your liked one.

Most of the people keep the gun or pistol under their seats. It takes time to take it out from under the seat. But you can keep these gun safes beside car seats. They are sleek and slim also; they come with biometric and password locking systems. You can use these under seat gun safe in various ways. 

How To Choose The Best Gun Safe For Car:​​​​

When you keep a gun safe in your car, you have to be sure about some particular issues. If you use a saloon or sedan car, You may not prefer maintaining a gun in your car. You might go for a pistol.

Also, where you want to keep your gun safe, or you want to mount it. My opinion is to use “fast access to the safe” at first. Also, you can use “quick access to the safe,” you have to keep it hidden from eyes. I’ve pointed out some facts for you to go through them.

The Size of Your Car:

Different people have cars of various sizes. You can't keep bigger safes in small cars. You have to find the gun safe that suits your car. Surely, you won't put a safe in your can from where you can't take out your gun.
I will suggest you keep a gun or pistol in your car. It'll be a perfect hidden car gun safe.

Which Gun Do You Own:

It is also a significant factor in choosing the best under seat gun safe. A rifle or shotgun is too big to grab at once and take out! You have to keep in mind that you have to keep your gun in that safe, so make the decision before buying one.

It is better to buy a bigger one than the gun; it’ll help you to keep the gun comfortably.

Mounting Your Gun Safe or Where You Will Place It:

When you own a gun safe, you have to keep it somewhere or mount it somewhere. That will depend on your car’s functions. Do a check, before you go for buying the best gun safe for your car? Most of the person keep them under the car seat, but you can keep the safe beside the car seats.

Locking Systems:

You’ll find biometric and digital locks in most of the safes.
I will ask you to go for the biometric ones because anyone can cheat on you and know your password but won’t be able to copy your fingerprint. That’s why if it is a little more costly, go for biometric ones. Password locks let you create passwords, and without it won’t open. Automatic locks will open the lid quickly and let you an easy grabs option. But, in the case of manual safes, you’ve to open up the lid manually. But, don’t suspect the locking quality! Safes use the finest quality locks. And as per my suggestion, you should go for the biometric ones.

There are more facts like weight, wall thickness. Trust me, for in-car safe, you may not need thick walls as it will be hidden in your car. Keep them in your mind and get the best car gun safe for keeping your weapon in the car safely!

Why You Have to Start Using The Gun Safe for Car:

A few months ago, my friend was driving at night at around 11 pm. He stopped his car at a fuel station, and suddenly two guys appeared from the shadow with a gun then what? Sadly, they took his car!

If he had a gun in a hidden gun safe in his car, he might have saved his car. But, lots of people have suffered from this type of occurrences after keeping a gun in their vehicle. Because hijackers got off the vehicle and when they saw the gun, they took it.

It is more dangerous as your gun will spread more violence. That’s why you should keep your gun in an under-seat gun safe, to keep you safe and your country as well.

Also, a car gun safe keeps your pistol from any environmental situations or any harms. It also helps you to blend with people as the pistol won’t scare people when they get to your car.

These best car gun safes enable you to grab the gun easily. I love car safes for this reason. I keep a gun safe in my car so that I can hold the gun easily.

Top 5 Best Gun Safe For Car's Review:

We analyze the top 5 best car gun safe and review them below.

No1: SentrySafe PP1K Portable Pistol Safe for car


Features & Descriptions:

Here comes my best car gun safe, SentrySafe PP1K Portable Pistol Safe. A sturdy gun safe but small in size. Well, I’ll not tell it small, I’ll rather tell it compact in size. It is well padded and gives your gun a scratch-free keeping. It has to pry-resistant lid design, and it’ll open automatically.

Solid steel gives your gun total protection from any impact. The structure is sleek in design, and this allows you to put the safe in anywhere of the car. The slim and square structure lets you keep it under the seat or vertically.

SentrySafe PP1K Portable Pistol Safe is one of the best small gun safes of the market. When a car safe is small in size, it is easy to hide in the car. This, actually what SentrySafe PP1K Portable Pistol Safe does. It is small; you can hide it and grab it quickly.

Now, comes the lock, the fantastic safe opens with a key. Some situations can arise. You forgot your password or your hand is shaking much. In these cases, a key lock works fantastic.

Things I like most:

  1. Full steel design and extreme durability.
  2. Slim and sleek design that lets you keep it anywhere in the car.
  3. Easy portable, can use it inside and outside the car.
  4. It opens automatically so that you can grab it quickly and the top lid is pry-resistant.

Wondering, is it only works in the car? No!

This is a tough yet, portable gun safe. You can comfortably hold it, and its locking cable makes it more unbreakable!


  • Anti-theft key lock system.
  • Fantastic biometric scanners.
  • Automatic operative lid.


  • The lock can stop working in extreme cold.
  • The wire could be longer.

These features make SentrySafe PP1K Portable Pistol Safe for the car. Try it & this can gun safe won’t let you down!

No2: GunVault Microvault Standard Digital Pistol Safe MV500-STD


Features & Descriptions:

When you want a notebook-sized gun safe for your car, then Gunvault MV500-STD Gun Safe will be your best pick. The extremely light-weight and strong structure makes it one of the toughest gun safes in the market.

Coming with the biometric locking system, it assures your pistol’s best security. It scans four fingers of your hand & there is no chance of plagiarism. No one will be able to copy the fingerprints at all.

Moreover, 20 gauge steel gives you the best toughness that a hidden car gun safe can provide. This best car gun safe is sized of just a notebook and finely suits a pistol.

The security chord gives it a second layer security system. Everybody wants to secure their firearm at any cost, and that’s why Gunvault has given its best to secure your firearm with its best security locking system. With the automatic lid opening system, you can grab the gun quickly without any hassle.

Oh, I forgot one thing, the padding!

Gunvault MV500-STD Pistol Safe is well padded with foam. It gives you the proper security and helps to protect your gun body from scratch.

Things I like most:

  1. Sleek size and compact design of it.
  2. It is highly secured with a biometric locking system.
  3. Security cable increases security by one more step.
  4. You do not need to see at the scanners because it has been a different scanner for each finger.
  5. 9-volt battery for giving the longest working life.


  • Well foam padding, you’ll find at the base of it.
  • Stylish and easy to hide in the car.


  • It can be proven small for some people.

This excellent car gun safe will fulfill all your needs. Give it a try, it won’t let you down.

No3: Shot Lock 1911 Full Solo-Vault Handgun Safe


Features & Descriptions:

Do you love to use a briefcase? For you, I’ve searched down a briefcase gun safe, SHOT LOCK 1911 Full Solo-Vault Handgun Safe. This gun safe is ensuring your highest security.

The 14 gauge steel structure makes it ultra-durable than any other portable gun safes. Compact size & narrow structure make it easy to hide anywhere in the car, vertically or horizontally. It has an automatic operative lid that lets you grab the gun instantly and without delay.

It can hold two guns easily in it, even leaving some spaces. It allows keeping spare magazines there. This feature makes it different than any other car gun safes. It has been factory-made mounting holes.
Did you think car safes are just made for cars? No, you were wrong! You can use it at home, carry it easily, and mount it on. It works as same as it works in the car! Fantastic!

You can hide this gun safe under the seats or keep it beside the seats. It also allows you to grab quickly and fast. It any fatal situation arises. You’ll be able to take the gun out within seconds.

Now, you’ll surely want to know about the best features of this fantastic car gun safe.

Things I like most:

  1. Briefcase style with extreme durability.
  2. Spacious interior with thick padding.
  3. It comes with mounting options & it has an automatic opening lead.
  4. Sturdy yet light!
  5. 14 gauge steel construction.

Now, comes the locking system. IT has eight buttons that give you a peculiar combination locking system. That can make thousands of combinations. You have to press the buttons and create a combination.


  • Best small gun safe of the market!
  • The toughest gun safe.
  • Portable & mountable.


  • The lock of units can create a problem. (Requested to test before buy).
  • The handle could be more strong.

No4: Best Portable Small Car Gun Safe


Features & Descriptions:

Some of car gun safes have box have spaces to keep more things than keeping just a pistol.

Well, you may think about why it is needed? It's because you may need to keep your money or phone in your car. You can keep it in your car very easily with much security. Here is allowing you to keep things a pistol or revolver.

The spacious interior and box-like structure makes your gun keeping and taking out easier. The opening lid is manual, and it is easy to open and shut even you keep it in a congested place. You've to pull the lid, and it'll slide down to open.

Now, comes the locking system. It has the key locking system. It is because the key is one of the secured systems. Two spare keys provided for the car gun safe. It is easy to open in any situation. You'll be able to open the lead of the car safely manually and close it.

Things I like most:

  1. Strong and lightweight. It'is protecting from shocks and impacts.
  2. The structure that enables enough space for keeping two pistols and more things.
  3. Slides to open the lid.
  4. You can easily mount it and also keep it in your car.
  5. Easily you can fit beside the seat or under the seat.
  6. It's well-padded with foam and can prevent any impact.


  • Incredibly long-lasting.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Brilliant locking system.
  • The full body is made of aluminum.


  • Some customers reported that the wires and cables of some units a little bad.
  • The bolts hold the gun safe can break sometimes.
  • A little heavy.

No5: Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe:


Features & Descriptions:

If you are concerned about the padding of the car gun safe then, Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe will be your choice. Extremely padded and easy to operate. It's built with ten gauges to the real steel structure. The body is made of steel and a little heavy.

The combination lock makes it one of the most secure car gun safes of the market. You can make it more secure with 1081 combinations and unbreakable in some cases. It is easy to open up and takes the gun out. You need to press the particular buttons.


  1. It allows you quick access to the safe.
  2. Fulfills the requirement of the standard gun safe.
  3. It is fully made of ten gauge steel.
  4. Spacious interior, you can keep two pistols in the same place.
  5. 3/16" wrap around the interior.

Fantastically, exceeds the firearms safety device requirements, which makes it certified. So, you don't have to be tensed about the quality. It can endure any impact and pressure. It's one of the best gun safe under the seat. It is also one of the best ideas to hide the gun from peoples. You can easily grab it at any pressure.


  • The Most robust body and structure.
  • Portable yet lightweight.
  • Fast access.


  • Battery drains fast.
  • The lock buttons have no identification signs.


I recommend people to keep their own guns safe for cars. You can invest in a car gun safe without thinking more. A car gun safe will prove it more useful than you can imagine.

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