Best Gun Safe Ratings Guide

Many people are choosing to store their firearms in gun safes to prevent accidents and to protect them from theft. There are many models to choose from, and you can find one to meet your needs and budget with a little planning. A gun safe will generally cost at least the same amount as a firearm, but with guns being one of the easiest things to pawn, they are a favorite with burglars and thieves. Installing a gun safe can protect your family from accidents and protect your valuable firearms.


Smaller Gun Safes and Security Cabinets

Smaller gun safes and security cabinets that will hold 5 or more guns will generally start at around $150 and up. These are generally lighter weight and therefore easy to move from one place to another, but you will want to anchor them to the floor or wall to prevent a thief from removing the entire safe. You will also want to ensure that the lock is solid and not easy to jimmy open, thus preventing theft or a child from opening the safe. There are some of these types of safes that offer plenty of security at a modest price. They are ideal for storing ammunition and lower cost rifles and handguns.

Closet Safes

Closet safes are an excellent choice for storing your more valuable firearms. A closet safe is designed to be placed in a closet or area out of sight, which further reduces your chances of theft. They come in various weights and thicknesses depending on your needs and budget.

They generally are available with multiple bolt type locks that are difficult to open without the key, and they also can be upgraded with more features. The doors of these can range between ¼ inch and 2 inches thick and offer a lot of protection for 10 to 20 guns.

Larger more specialized safes primarily hold more rifles and have more shelves for handguns and other accessories. You may also be able to get one that is fire resistant as well to protect your firearms from fire as well as theft. These will generally be over $500 and are often heavy enough that you don't have to bolt them down, but the manufacturers generally still recommend that you do so.

High Quality Best Gun Safe

Some firearms and accessories are extremely expensive, and if you own several of these you will be well served to buy a very secure gun safe to house them in. These higher quality best gun safes under 500 dollars and have a large range of features to choose from. Obviously, if you can afford it, these are the best gun safes to choose, because they offer the best protection. Some brands are guaranteed at temperatures of 2300 º for fire protection. The largest of these can weigh as much as 1600 pounds and use up to ¼ inch steel panels. Many of these have full lifetime warranties. The biggest and most expensive can cost over $3500; however, if you are an avid gun collector you probably would pay more to replace your guns than the safe costs, not to mention you would lose property that can be sentimental, so one of these heavy-duty safes might be just the thing. Other available options are electronic locks, drill resistant panels, and multiple bolts for higher security.

Choose The Best Gun Safe to Buy

Buying the best gun safe is an important decision, and you will be well served to shop around before you make this sizable investment. If you buy one too small you may need to buy another in a few years, or if you get one that is too big you may spend more than necessary. There are safes for every price range and need; from a simple 5 gun safe to the state of the art safes that have locking systems similar to those used in banks. You will need to decide what features will benefit you most in your situation, and then you can sit back and have a good time shopping for the right safe for your guns.

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