Best Gun Safe Under $100 – Our Top 7 Picks

Are you looking for a way to keep your guns and valuables safe from children and unauthorized access by thieves and burglars?

Well, that problem can only be solved if you own a gun safe. But the question is how much money should you spend on a gun safe? Can you buy a high-quality gun safe on a budget of $100?

Actually, you can! The SentrySafe QAP1E gun safe is the best gun safe under 100, period. But that’s not all, there are other premium gun safes out there that are well within the budget of $100.

Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

Comparison Table

FeaturesSentrySafe QAP1Eawesafe Gun Safe
Locking SystemThe QAP1E gun safe utilizes a digital keypad that can be used to unlock this safe. It also has backup access through a key.The awesafe gun safe features a fingerprint lock, a keypad and it can also be accessed using a key.
Gas strutIt uses a gas strut that opens the safe automatically.The awesafe gun safe also features a gas-strut.
Interior LightingSentry QAP1E gun safe does not have interior lighting.This gun safe has LED lights installed in its interior that make it easy for you to access its contents in the dark.
StorageThis gun safe has enough storage space to store one gun.This gun safe also has the capacity of a single gun. However, it will still have some space left over, where you can keep your ammunition, jewelry, cash, etc.

Best Gun Safe Under $50 To $100 In 2020 – Our Top 10 Picks

SentrySafe QAP1E Gun Safe

SentrySafe is a well-known brand in the industry because of its high-quality yet affordable products. And the QAP1RE model is no exception to that. This heavy-duty gun safe made by SentrySafe has a sleek design and it’s the ideal equipment for keeping your guns and valuables safe.

The SentrySafe QAP1E gun safe features a four-digit digital keypad that is used to gain access to the safe. The locking system is pretty efficient and it will open instantly once you enter the password. 

A gun safe isn’t worth buying if it’s not durable enough. That’s because a gun safe should be able to provide safety and security to the users for many years. And that’s exactly what the QAP1E model does.

We suggest you buy an AA battery which has an expiration date of about 10 years. That’s because generic batteries don’t have enough lifespan suitable for long term use.

SentrySafe QAP1E Features:

  • It has robust steel construction and it provides top-notch security to its users. It features a gas strut and a pry-resistant door.
  • Its solid steel construction makes it highly durable and long-lasting.
  • There is a compression gas strut inside the gun safe that automatically opens the safe’s door once you enter the correct code through the keypad. It makes the entry into the safe faster and more discreet.


  • It has an override key that can be used for backup access.
  • This safe is certified by California DOJ.
  • The gas sturt of the safe makes’ entry into the safe fast and whisper-quiet.
  • It comes with bolt-down hardware.


  • The safe won’t open if the batteries inside the safe are dead.
  • The batteries run out of power easily.

To summarise, the QAP1E gun safe is one of the most well-received safes made by Sentrysafe. It’s definitely a great contender for getting the title of the best gun safe under 100.

Awesafe Gun Safe With Fingerprint Identification And Biometric Lock

Are you looking for a gun safe for life-time use? If so, then the awesafe gun safe is the way to go. It’s a top-rated product and it’s the best-selling gun safe on Amazon.

We really wanted to find out what made this gun safe so popular and so we tested it out. And we were thoroughly impressed by its design, construction, and portability. 

In case you don’t want to waste time finding your keys for the safe or inputting an access code every single time you want to open the safe, you can just use the biometric fingerprint scanner of this safe to gain access.

Awesafe has kept your convenience in mind and that’s why they have made this gun safe lightweight and compact making it ideal for transportation. And if you don’t want to carry it around and if you prefer to have your safe bolted down, then you can do that as well.

It comes with all the necessary hardware that you’ll require to mount it to the wall, or on the floor.

Awesafe Gun Safe Features:

  • This gun lock-box features solid steel construction and a pry-resistant door. You can rest assured that it will keep your firearms safe from any kind of unauthorized access.
  • This gun safe features interior LED lighting that will allow you to open the safe and gain access to your belongings even in the dark. You won’t be needing any external lighting.
  • It can store one handgun and some ammunition.
  • This gun safe comes with a set of keys that can work as a backup access.


  • It’s portable and you can travel with it by putting it in your car or in your luggage.
  • It features backup access through a key.
  • This safe comes with interior lighting.
  • It’s pretty compact.


  • Some customers complained about receiving faulty products.

Purchasing the awesafe gun safe would be an excellent choice for you. We highly recommend it.

SnapSafe Lock Box Keyed Alike

If you don’t want to buy a fancy gun safe and you just want to purchase a safe with a simple design that will keep your guns and other valuables safe, then you should go for the SnapSafe Lock Box.

It comes with four keys and all of them are keyed alike. So, even if you lost a key, it won’t be problem. It features a pry-resistant door and the housing of the safe is made out of heavy-duty 16-gauge steel. 

The interior of the safe is covered with foam so that your belongings don’t get scratched or damaged. It even comes with a 1500-pounds rated security steel cable. This cable can be used to get the gun safe locked to something like a car seat or the frame of the luggage.


  • As mentioned before, the SnapSafe Lock Box comes with a 1500-lb. security cable that will provide extra protection to your firearms. You can use this cable to secure the safe to a stationary object.
  • This gun safe has met all of the TSA firearm safety guidelines and it has been approved by the California DOJ.
  • This product includes two lockboxes, two security cables, and four keys.
  • It’s made of steel and it comes in three sizes.


  • It has a large amount of interior storage space.
  • It’s quite portable and you can easily take it with you when you’re traveling.
  • The foam interior of the safe protects your firearms from getting scratched.
  • It has a simple and straightforward key-lock system.


  • It requires some assembly.

Whether you’re storing your guns at home or you’re traveling abroad with your valuables the SnapSafe XXL lockbox will get the job done for you. 

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe

We are huge fans of Vaultek and we couldn’t write an article about the best gun safe under 100 without even mentioning an entry from Vaultek. The VT20i has a sleek and stylish design and it has so many innovative features that its competition doesn’t even stand a chance against it.

The VT20i gun safe also has a built-in proximity sensor that can detect the movement of your hands and it will illuminate the safe’s keypad once it detects movement.

One of the biggest selling points of the VR20i biometric gun safe is its durability. It’s made out of robust 16-gauge steel and it also has a powered coated finished. That’s why it’s ideal for long-term usage.

It provides an interactive experience to the users as you can connect it to your smartphone through Bluetooth.


  • It’s powered by a Li-ion battery that can power the safe for up to 4-6 months. This battery is rechargeable and it takes roughly two and a half hours to get recharged.
  • It has a sturdy unibody design and it also features impact-resistant latches and a pry-resistant door. It’s more than capable of protecting your goods from theft and unauthorized access.
  • This gun safe has a fingerprint locking system. It can also be accessed using a keypad as well as a key.


  • Its powder-coated finish protects it from corroding.
  • Its fingerprint scanner can store up to 20 different user IDs.
  • As it has interior lighting, you’ll be able to view your contents even at night-time.


  • The fingerprint sensor isn’t that effective and it sometimes gives out false positives.

The Vautek VT20i is an ideal quick access gun safe that utilizes modern technology to provide its users with safety and security and peace of mind.  

Gun Safe For Pistols Handgun Safe Box Pistol Safe By Vehipa

We have to admit, Vehipa isn’t that popular and you might not have heard about this company. But you really should check out some of their products as they have made some innovative gun safes in recent years that are not just effective but also quite affordable.

It has four methods of entry. You can unlock it by providing your fingerprint, entering a password, or a traditional key. You could also unlock the box by using your phone through an app.

This gun safe box is made out of bullet-proof, military-grade glass-plastic. It’s pretty lightweight and easy to transport.

It provides the users with multiple methods for unlocking the safe and those methods include a fingerprint scanner, keypad locking system and the user could even unlock the safe using a key.


  • It’s powered by a Li-ion battery that can power the safe for up to 4-6 months. This battery is rechargeable and it takes roughly two and a half hours to get recharged.
  • The Vehipa gun safe features interior lighting for enhanced visibility in the dark.
  • It also comes with a USB charging cable.
  • You can control this gun safe box using your phone. You can delete fingerprints, turn on the interior lights and unlock the safe using the app.


  • Its fingerprint sensor is quite efficient and the door unlocks without 1-2 seconds.
  • It comes with two backup keys that can come in handy if the other systems malfunction.
  • It’s extremely sturdy and impact-resistant.
  • It can be controlled through an app.


  • No Noticeable Cons Found

The Vehipa Pistol Handgun Safe is specifically designed to keep your guns and valuables as safe as possible. Its strength and toughness are unmatched by any other products in the market.

RPNB Gun Safe, Quick-Access Pistol Safe

RPNB has become a popular name in the industry due to its high-quality and affordable products. It’s no surprise that a product from RPNB made its way to our list.

There are multiple methods of unlocking this gun safe. You can use the biometric lock or the backlit, 4-digit keypad. You could even connect it to your smart phone via an app. Also, this safe comes with two backup keys in case, the other systems fail.

This RPNB gun safe has a simple but elegant design. And it comes with all of the effective features that you would expect from a gun safe. The interior part of this gun safe is made of foam and that protects your valuables from scratches.

This gun safe will keep your firearms safe from young children and any unwanted intruders. It’s remarkably sturdy and compact.

The RNPB safe’s solid steel construction makes it last for years on end.


  • This safe is made out of military grade glass plastic. This material is bulletproof and it’s highly resistant to any sort of external force.
  • It has concealed, pry-resistant hinges that will protect the safe from any break-ins.
  • The RNPB safe has a 6-digit keypad that can be used to unlock the door. You can easily modify your password, add a fingerprint or delete a fingerprint using this keypad.


  • As it’s pretty compact.
  • you can easily incorporate it in an interior space like a drawer or inside a backpack.
  • Despite being compact, it does have a large amount of storage capacity.
  • It comes with mounting screws that can be used to bolt this safe down to a surface.


  • No Noticeable Cons Found

The RNPB Gun Safe provides great value for the money. You should definitely consider purchasing this safe.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

We thought that we would include a slightly different type of gun safe for our last entry on this list. And we finally decided to put the Barska biometric rifle safe on the seventh spot.

Its solid construction quality makes it temper-resistant. It has three heavy-duty steel bolts that prevents any unwanted access to the safe.

It’s powered by four AA batteries that can last up to 10,000 scans. And don’t worry if the batteries run out. It also comes with an additional unlocking method. You can just manually open the safe using its backup keys.

This rifle safe will provide security to your firearms and prying into this safe is next to impossible. It’s pry-resistant and temper-resistant and it provides access to the user in just 2.5 seconds once it receives the authorized fingerprint. 

Features and Benefits:

  • This rifle safe features solid steel walls and its edges are temper-resistant. It also features three built-in deadbolts.
  • This safe is capable of storing up to four rifles without any attachments. And this product also includes a removable shelf.
  • It has some pre-drilled holes that can be used for mounting this safe to a surface. The product also includes all the necessary mounting gear.
  • This rifle safe is run on 4 AA batteries. In case the batteries run out, you can use its keys to unlock this safe.


  • It has a 100% unlocking rate.
  • Its biometric lock can store up to 120 unique fingerprints.
  • Its biometric fingerprint locking system is much more secure than any other keypad or key-based unlocking system.
  • The safe has an alarm that indicates that the battery is running low on power.


  • No Noticeable Cons Found

The Barska Biometric Rifle Safe is the best tool to keep your firearms safe from unauthorized access.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Should You Spend On A Gun Safe

You should make a budget of roughly $100 to $800. The price of a gun safe can vary wildly depending on the quality of the product. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a high-quality gun safe on a budget of $100.

Should You Store Ammo In Your Gun Safe?

Actually, you should store all of your ammunition inside your gun safe. That’s because ammo is susceptible to humidity and they could get damaged over time.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Gun Safe?

You have to check the storage capacity of the safe. The safe should have enough space to store all of your guns and other valuables. And it should have a robust construction and the door needs to be pry-resistant.

Why Are Safes So Expensive?

The task of a gun safe is to protect your guns from burglars and for that, the manufacturers have to make them safe as sturdy and temper-resistant as possible. And that’s why they are so expensive.

What Is The Best Gun Safe For The Money?

The Barska quick access rifle safe is excellent especially if you consider its price. The quality and storage capacity of this rifle safe is unmatched.


Congratulations! You have made it through to the end of our list. By now, you should have a clear idea about which one you’re going to buy.

A gun safe is your only defense against unauthorized access to your guns. So, you better make sure that you only purchase the best gun safe under 100.

Finally, we hope that you find the product that best suits your needs and you get the best performance that a gun safe can possibly offer.

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