Best Handgun Safe Reviews In 2022

Making our list of best handgun safe was a challenging task. That’s because there are hundreds of high-quality safes that deserve attention. But here we will only provide you with the best pistol safe reviews.

So without further ado, let’s start exploring the world of best small gun safes:

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe With Biometric Lock

SentrySafe is one of the most renowned and well-respected manufacturers of gun safes. They have been consistently making high-quality gun safes for decades. The QAP1BE is also one of those products.

This safe is actually an update to the standard SentrySafe mode. It retains all the great features of that safe, and it also comes with its exciting new features. It’s quite easy to mount the safe on your wall or to your bed.

You can open this safe easily by using your fingerprint. It’s discrete, and it won’t make any kind of sound while opening or closing.

Features and benefits:

Gas Strut:

The SentrySafe QAP1B utilizes a gas strut in order to open and close the safe’s door. The gas strut uses compressed gas that is contained within the cylinder to store potential energy that is exerted when you try to open the door.

You can open the door pretty quickly, and you can quietly close the door as well. We highly recommend this gun safe for bedside use as the best bedside gun safe.

Construction and materials:

The gun safe was manufactured using robust and durable steel. The construction of the safe is quite sturdy, and it’s also pry-resistant. No matter how much a robber or an unwanted person may try to pry this safe gun open, it will stay locked and protect your valuables.


This safe is battery-operated, and so you will need a high-quality and efficient battery to power this device. According to SentrySafe, only alkaline AA batteries are compatible with this safe. So we recommend that you should buy a AA battery manufactured by a well-known brand. The battery should also have an expiration date of 8-10 years from the day you buy it.

Access into the safe:

This device can only be opened by entering a pin into the keypad. You can set the combination to the lock yourself.

It also features a backup key in case you forget the PIN.

Fingerprint Scanner

The safe also features a fingerprint scanner for extra protection.


  1. You can bolt down this safe to the wall. This will provide you with the maximum amount of security.
  2. The interior of the safe has a soft layer made of foam. It will protect your gun from receiving damage.
  3. The safe’s most exciting feature is the biometric lock system.
  4. The safe will last for a long time.


  1. It still has some of the design flaws that the standard model had.
  2. So customers complained about the fingerprint scanner not functioning correctly.  

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe Pistol Safe

If you are looking for a gun safe with flawless design and functionality, then the Vaultek VT20i should be your top choice. It’s durable and secure. It will protect your gun and other valuables from your kids or from anyone who’s not meant to open the safe.

This safe comes with a ton of exciting hi-tech features. It has a biometric fingerprint sensor. It also features interior LED lighting, and the keypad is also illuminated. You can check the status of the safe using your smartphone via a Bluetooth app.

This safe is quite durable, and it’s long-lasting. It will protect your gun and other valuable for many years.

Features and benefits:


The Vaultek VT20i smart safe is a robust, heavy-duty handgun safe. It’s contracted with 16-gauge Iron-Carbon alloy steel. It was powder coated, and it has a matte black finish. This coating is not just for aesthetics. It also protects the safe from corrosion.  


The safe will open within a second of you, putting your finger on the scanner. The door opens automatically. You can access your import documents, firearms, and other valuables quickly and discreetly.

The safe can either be accessed with the biometric fingerprint scanner or with the keypad.

Smartphone App:

You can connect this safe to your smartphone. It’s really interactive. You have to install the Vaultek smartphone app. You can connect the safe to that app using Bluetooth. You can easily manage the safe through the app.

You can check the status of the battery and adjust the interior LED lights through the app. The app can detect if the safe has been tampered with. You can also manage the fingerprints with it.

LED lighting:

The Vaultek safe features LED light that can respond to the lighting condition of the safe’s surroundings. The keypad is backlit, and so you can locate the safe even in pitch dark conditions. Then, you can check the contents of the safe using the interior LED lighting of the safe.

Anti-Theft Technology:

It’s virtually impossible to break into this safe. It features reinforced bars, and the latches inside the safe protect it from impacts. There is a steel security cable added with this safe. You can also mount the safe for advanced protection.


  1. This safe is best suited for traveling. It’s compact, and you can easily store it in your luggage. It will protect your valuables while you are traveling.
  2. The safe has a lot of storage capacity. You can save a firearm with magazines inside it. You can also store cash, jewelry, and other items in it as well.
  3. The biometric sensor is efficient, and it can store 20 different fingerprints.
  4. It comes with backup keys that help you open the safe in case the fingerprint sensor malfunctions.


  1. The fingerprint sensor could show some errors while recognizing your print.
  2. If the safe isn’t closed, propel it could potentially be pried open.

Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe

This is another excellent Handgun safe from the Vaultek series. It’s quite affordable, and it’s best suited for being used as a bedside gun vault. You can access your valuables by using your fingerprint or by typing in a key.

We would suggest you use the keypad for opening the safe as it’s a much more reliable option. The safe is lightweight, and it won’t make any rattling noise when you move the safe.

 There is also a steel cable included with the product. You can use that to attach the safe to something substantial, and that will prevent any unwanted person from taking the safe away.

The Vaultek handgun safe will alert you if someone tries to tamper with it. We really liked the fact that the safe’s keypad lights up whenever someone gets close to it. The interior lighting will turn on if you open the safe.

Features and benefits:

Anti-Theft System:

The safe has bars that protect it from being pried open. There are also latches to defend it from forceful impacts. The safe can even detect any kind of effects, and the temper alert will inform you of any type of intrusion.


There are backlit keypads that let you enter a key code to unlock the device. There is also an option for opening the door manually using a key. The door opens automatically and instantly, and you can get quick access to your valuables.

There is also an adjustable shelf inside the safe.


A Li-Ion rechargeable battery powers this device. The battery should last for about 2-3 months. But, charging this battery will take a long time.  


The robust structure of this handgun safe was manufactured using durable 14-Gauge carbon steel. The door, on the other hand, was constructed using 12-gauge carbon steel. There is a layer of powder coat around the safe that protects the metal from corroding.


As mentioned before, there is an adjustable shelf inside the Vaultek safe. The safe is quite spacious. It can store two pistols at the same time. You can also add accessories to the safe in order to store even more objects inside the safe.


  1. It features responsive LED lighting in the interior of the safe.
  2. It’s sturdy, and it will protect your valuables and firearms.
  3. You can locate and open the safe even if the room is dark. The backlit keypad and interior LED lighting will help you with that.
  4. There are mounting holes in the safe, and the product comes with mounting gear. So you can bolt the safe down to the wall.


  1. It doesn’t feature any kind of remote access.
  2. The automatic door opens too fast.

Stack-On PDS-1500 Drawer Safe With Electronic Lock

It comes with some bolts that you can use to bolt this drawer safe to a drawer or a wall. That will make it even more secure. There is a sponge inside the safe that would prevent your valuables from getting scratched.

In order to set the code for this drawer safe, you first have to take out the pin from the backside of the cover. Then you have to press the reset button inside the tiny hole on the backside of the cover. You should do this using a pen. You’ll hear a beep.

Then you have to punch in the code on the keypad. The code should be 3 to 8 characters long. After doing that you have to hit check.

We were impressed by this safe’s quality. It’s definitely worth considering, especially considering the price.  

Features and benefits:


This safe’s structure is made of solid steel, and its door is pry-resistant. It also has two locking bolts made of steel.


The stack on biometric gun safe has been tested for safety and performance. It passed those tests with flying colors, and it has been listed as a California DOJ gun safety device.  


This device can be unlocked through its one-touch biometric lock. The fingerprint lock works perfectly, and you can easily access your firearms and valuables. This safe has been programmed in such a way that it can hold 20 different fingerprints.

The safe also features a silent mode. You can activate it and open the safe without the safe making any kind of noise.


The safe also features a keypad, and it takes a security code of 3 to 8 digits. There will be a time out period if three incorrect attempts are made. We believe using the keypad is a better option than a biometric sensor.


  1. The safe is quite spacious. You can store your firearm and still have a ton of space left for storing other valuables. 
  2. You can turn off the sound of this safe and put it on quiet mode.
  3. It’s pretty secure. It would be extremely tough to break into this safe.
  4. It has a unique design.


  1. You’ll have a hard time resetting the password for this safe.

GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe

If you are looking for a quick and convenient way of storing your gun and other valuables and keeping them safe, then GunVault SV500 should be your first choice. It’s entirely secure, and we really liked its design.

You can get access to the gun vault by entering a code into the keypad. It will open instantly after you have entered the code, and it won’t even make a sound. You can also mount this safe to the wall or to a drawer.

It’s quite reliable, and it will keep your firearms out of the sights of the kids or any unwanted persons.

Features and benefits:

Locking Mechanism:

The locking system of this safe will provide you with a consistent performance every time you open or close it. It will safeguard your firearms and valuables.

Override Keys:

It features two override keys as a backup so that you can open the safe and get access to your valuables no matter what the situation is.

Interior Lighting:

There is a courtesy light inside the vault. It gets activated the moment you open the safe’s door. It provides illumination so that your valuables become visible. Which means you can even open it in the dark.


This vault is manufactured using heavy-duty 18-gauge steel. This thick housing is what makes sure your valuables stay protected.

Interior Foam:

The inside part of the safe is covered with foam. This feature protects your valuables from getting scratched.


  1. It’s effortless to use.
  2. You’ll get fast access to your valuables. And it even has a quiet mode.
  3. It meets all the requirements for gun-safe storage.  
  4. You can store a full-sized firearm and two magazines and still have enough space left to store other items.


  1. Installing the safe to your nightstand is a tough task, and you might need to improvise.

Fort Knox PB4 Personal Pistol Safe

The Fort Knox PB4 is a heavy-duty safe for protecting your valuables from thieves. It provides fast access to the user. The safe’s door will pop open the moment you enter the code correctly into the keypad.

An exciting feature of this pistol safe is that you will have the ability to bolt this safe down to the wall or to your nightstand. This safe is sturdy, and it has a strong build. This safe is quite user-friendly, and you can even open it in the dark.  

This safe will be an excellent choice for you if you are considering buying a safe for long-term use.

Features and benefits:


It’s a well-designed safe that’s made with high-quality materials. It features a 10-gauge steel housing and 3/16 inches’ pry-resistant door.

Locking Mechanism:

It uses a simple push-button lock, and you have to enter a password to get access inside the safe. The safe can store 1081 different password combinations.

Silver coating:

This safe looks like an antique gun safe. That’s because it has a layer of silver power, which make the body of the safe more durable. It also enhances the beauty of the safe.


The interior of this safe is carpet lined. This protects your valuables from receiving any kind of damage.  

Pre-Drilled Holes:

The safe has four pre-drilled holes that can be used to bolt to down to the floor or to a drawer.


  1. The safe is temper-resistant, and it’s virtually impossible to break into the it.
  2. There is a tamper-proof hinge underneath the door that protects the safe.
  3. It has enough storage space to fit two compact guns. 
  4. It meets all the California DOJ firearm safety device requirements.


  1. You can’t find instructions about resetting the password either in the instruction manual nor online.

V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe

The heavy-duty Brute safe made by V-line is really an excellent product. It has a powder-coated black paint job that gives the safe a beautiful textured finish. It features the standard simplex type locking mechanism.

It doesn’t require any batteries. It has a handle that is used to open or close it. We really liked the fact that there is a lot of overlap in the safe. There is a 25-pound piston inside the safe that will help you open the safe.

There is a non-removable hinge pin in the back of the safe, and it’s also welded nicely. This safe is made by talented craftsmen in southern California. We highly recommend it.  

Features and benefits:


This safe is constructed with heavy-duty 10-gauge steel. It has a tactical black texture. That’s because of its black powder coating.

Storage capacity:

This safe has a lot of storage space. It can hold two full-sized firearms. You can even store pistols with laser sights and other types of accessories.

Laser Cut Handle:

The V-line brute features laser cut and welded handle. The handle’s job is to help the user in opening and closing the door. Also, since it is placed over the faceplate of the safe, it provides extra protection to safe.


The brute has a fantastic design, and it’ll surely match your décor. And, you can easily bolt it down by using its four pre-drilled holes to make it more secure.


The lids of the safe are designed in such a way that they can’t be pried open. The body of the safe is made with solid steel that also makes it hard for anyone to tamper with it.


  1. You can easily access this safe. Its buttons are raised, and that’s why you can even enter the combination in the dark.
  2. The safe is really quiet, and it won’t cause any sound while opening.
  3. The lift-bar inside the safe holds the lid up while you are accessing the safe.
  4. The simplex lock is quite well-made, and it doesn’t require any batteries.


  1. No bolts are included with the product.

Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe

The Viking security safe is exceptionally secure, and no one can tamper with it or pry it open. Only the person with authorized access can open this safe. This biometric safe has a practical design, and it comes at an affordable price.

It can work as your office safe as it can store 32 unique fingerprints at the same time. So multiple authorized people can access it. You can store this safe anywhere, whether in your bedroom or in your office.

The safe has a quiet mode that you can choose if you don’t want anyone to hear you when you open the safe. If you accidentally leave the safe unlocked, it will make a beeping sound to alert you.

Features and benefits:


This safe can scan and store up to 32 different fingerprints. It even has a keypad. You can enter a pin code to open the safe.


This safe features LED interior lights that will help you locate your valuables even in the dark. There is an adjustable shelf inside the safe. You can use it to organize your valuables such as firearms, passports, cash, and jewelry. 


This safe is pry-resistant. The body of this safe is made of solid steel, and it has two locking bars made of steel inside the frame.

Fast Access:

This safe features a 500 DPI optical sensor. The safe has been cut seamlessly with a laser. It opens as soon as you put your finger on the sensor. It has a secure, deadbolt locking mechanism.


The Viking security safe has a military look to it. It’s also really versatile, and it can work as your home safe or office safe for storing your valuables.


  1. There is a battery indicator that will let you know how much charge is left in the batteries at any given time.
  2. It also features a keypad, and you can set a 4-9-digit password to open the safe.
  3. The safe can easily detect any unknown fingerprint or any incorrect attempt to open it.
  4. This safe is welded in a way that it doesn’t get scratched easily.


  1. The biometric sensor may not be 100% accurate.

GunVault Minivault Standard Digital Pistol Safe GV1000C-STD

We really liked the GunVault minivault’s modern, compact design. You can mount this vault down anywhere you, please.

It has an easy to open no-look keypad. This keypad can be programmed to store multiple authorized user access codes. When you open this safe, it will make a beeping sound. But, you can disable that feature in case you want to be discreet while opening it.

The mini vault features interior lighting, and its interior is foam-padded. AA batteries power this gun safe. It even features a low battery audio-warning system.

It’s compact design and durable housing make it an excellent option for home use.

Features and benefits:

Locking Mechanism:

The high-quality locking mechanism of this safe is quite reliable. It will consistently perform well time after time. It’s practically impossible to pry into this safe.


This safe features a low battery indicator. It will alert you when the battery is running low. This will give you enough time to change it.  


The housing of this safe is made of 16-gauge solid steel. Its strong construction is what sets it apart from the other gun safes in the market.


The interior is covered with soft foam. It will protect your firearms and other valuables like jewelry from getting scratched or damaged.

Fingerprint Sensor:

The GunVault mini vault features fingerprint recognition. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to detect authorized fingerprints and gives access to the user. It can store up to 20 different prints.


  1. The manufacturing process takes place in the US.
  2. It’s straightforward to use.
  3. You can even open it in the dark.
  4. It’s a quick access pistol safe.


  1. The lock may cause problems after six months of use. 

ShotLock Handgun 200M Solo-Vault (Mechanical)

This is an excellent gun safe. It’s durable and secure. You can open this safe in two ways. One of them is by using a simplex style combination lock that has keys. You can program your own password combination into it for secure use.

The other way is by using a key. This safe was designed for travel. You can put it in your car and transport it with you quite easily. It has a mounting plate that makes it so much convenient. You can easily mount it underneath your desk and use it as a drawer.

This safe has a lot of storage space, and it can even hold a 1911 45-caliber pistol. You can also store ammunition and magazines.

Features and benefits:


The shot lock handgun vault is made with military-grade steel. The frame is made of 14-gauge steel, and it features a dual internal locking mechanism.  

Locking System:

This safe is part of the 200M series of vaults. It has an 8-button lock. It’s programmable, and the locking mechanism is mechanical. In total, this safe offers 1500 different 4-digit combinations.   

Override Key:

In case of the keypad malfunctions, you can use the override key to get access to your valuables.


You can use this safe anywhere you prefer. You can store it in your car, in your house or your office.


  1. It’s perfect for regular use.
  2. The customer service is excellent.
  3. The safe is well-built and durable.
  4. It’s completely mechanical, and it doesn’t require any batteries.


  1. The keypad might malfunction sometimes.

SnapSafe Treklite Gun Safe Lock Box With TSA Combination Lock

There are actually two versions of this gun safe. One is a key lock, and the other is a 4-digit combination lock. The TSA has approved this combination lock.

It’s made of plastic, and it weighs about one-third of the weight of a steel safe of similar size. It also comes with a cable that you can use to secure the safe to something.

The outside of the safe is covered with a thick layer of rubber. It makes the safe even more pry-resistant.

This safe is pretty lightweight, and it’s straightforward to transport. The Treklite gun safe is definitely worth considering if you want a high-quality gun safe at an affordable price.

Features and benefits:


This safe has a robust construction. It is made with tamper-resistant polycarbonate materials that make the safe durable. One-third of the box’s weight is taken up by the polycarbonate materials.   


The SnapSafe gun safe includes a 1500 lb. Security cable. You can use this cable to bind the safe in order to secure it. It will provide extra protection.


You can easily fit this gun safe into your drawer or in your suitcase. You can securely store jewelry, cash, firearms, passports, etc. inside the safe. You can even put it on your nightstand for bedside use.

Scratch protection:

The safe comes with four interior foam linings. These will protect your valuables from receiving scratches and other forms of damages.


The SnapSafe handgun safe has met all the necessary safety requirements of TSA airlines and California DOJ.


  1. It has a sleek modern look to it.
  2. It’s exceptionally lightweight.
  3. It’s affordable.
  4. You can even store spare magazines in it.


  1. Some customers complained that the safe got jammed after not being in use for some time.

RPNB Steel Knob/Combination Lock Box, Portable Gun Safe With 3 Digits Combination Lock, Portable Metal Handgun Safe

This is an impressive gun safe that has a lot of storage space. You can even store a full-sized 45-caliber 1911 handgun inside it. It has a rotary combination lock. It works pretty well, and you won’t face any problems while opening or closing this safe.

It’s an excellent option for storing your valuables. It’s compact, and you can keep it in your car or store it in your home. It has two holes at the bottom, and you can use them to permanently bolt it down to a drawer, the wall, or to your nightstand.

Overall, it’s a user-friendly gun safe, and you should consider buying it.

Features and benefits:

Locking Mechanism:

This safe doesn’t require any keys. You can set a combination for opening the lock. This combination is resettable. It features 100 different password combination options.    


This safe is made of rock-solid 16-gauge steel. There is also a 1500 lb. Rated steel cable included with this product.

Scratch protection:

There are four foams placed inside the safe. It prevents your valuables from getting scratched.


You can use this safe for storing passports, handguns, ammunition, cash, electronic items, etc. It’s quite compact, and you can put inside a drawer or put it on your nightstand.


  • It’s 3-digit combination locks works perfectly every single time.
  • It comes with a security cable that can be used to increase the security of your valuables.  
  • The thick protective layer inside the safe protects your valuables.
  • It’s long-lasting and durable.


  • It’s better suited for storing valuables other but not firearms.


Why Would I Buy A Gun Safe?

Generally speaking, a gun safe is designed for protecting guns and other firearms. The main reason why you should buy a gun safe is to protect your guns from thieves and robbers. Some people can indeed pick the lock of gun safes.

But, most buglers don’t know how to do that. Moreover, gun safes are durable, and they are pry-resistant. It’s extremely tough for robbers to break into the safe. By using a gun safe, you can safeguard your firearms and other valuables.

What Is A Fire Rating?

A fire rating or a fire-resistance rating refers to the period for which a product can withstand a fire-resistant test. This rating is quite simple to understand. It relates only to the duration, so it’s a measurement of time.

This rating is given to different types of products, such as gun safes, to judge how functional they are. It also shows how secure a gun safe is.

How To Choose The Best Gun Safe?

There are a lot of factors to consider before buying a gun safe. You have to look at the features of the safes and match them with your requirements.

The first thing you have to consider is from whom you are trying to protect your valuables. If you are trying to secure your firearm from your kids, then buying a plastic safe should suffice. But if you are afraid that your valuables might get stolen, then you should buy heavy-duty steel safe.

The next thing you have to consider is what type of locking system you want in your gun safe. There are different locking mechanisms available. Those include biometric locks, combination locks, and locks that use keys. You should choose the one that you are the most comfortable with.

The final thing that you should consider is the storage capacity. You should buy a gun safe that can hold your handgun and also its ammunition and magazines.

Do I Need A Dehumidifier?

In most cases, you won’t require a dehumidifier. You just need to check the humidity of the interior of the gun safe with a hygrometer. If the humidity is low, you don’t need a dehumidifier. If the opposite is true, then we suggest you buy a dehumidifier.

Should I Opt For An Electronic Lock Or Mechanical?

Combination locks have been in use for decades, and they are quite reliable and secure. Although electronic locks have a more modern design, combination locks are way cheaper than electronic ones. Electronic locks are more convenient, and they open instantly.

So if you don’t mind spending some money on a safe, then buy an electric gun safe. But if you are on a budget, you should opt for a mechanical safe.

What To Do If I Forget The Lock Combination?

If you have forgotten the combination to your gun safe, then you’ll have to use a master override key to unlock the safe.

Most of the safes on our list come with an override key. But if your safe doesn’t come with one, then we suggest you contact the manufacturers.

How To Clean The Safe?

In order to clean your gun-safe at first, you’ll need the right supplies. Take a soft, dry cloth and take a mild detergent as well. Next, you have to remove everything inside the safe. That includes the foam linings as well.

After that, thoroughly clean the safe from inside and out. Clean the outer part of the safe as well.

Are Gun Safes Worth It?

Buying a gun safe is a long term investment. It will protect your valuables from being accessed by unauthorized people. It will also protect your valuables from fire. So, we believe buying a gun safe is worth it.

Where Should I Put My Gun Safe In My Home?

The best place to store your gun safe is the meeting point of any two walls. This will make it secured in place. You could also mount it inside your drawer.

How Much Should I Spend On A Gun Safe?

You could buy a gun safe for $100-$700. But, if you want to buy a high-quality study safe that will last for a long time then you’ll have to spend about $1000-$2000.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our comprehensive list of best pistol safes has helped you in figuring out which one best suits your requirements. One thing to be noted here is that our list of best handgun safe includes gun safes with a wide variety of features.

So we hope that making your decision won’t be that difficult. Still, we suggest you go through the features of the safes as well as our FAQ section to understand better what you should be looking for in a pistol safe.

But still, we want you to buy the very best pistol safe. So we would like to tell you that SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe is the best pistol safe currently available in the market.

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