Everything You Need to Know About Gun Safety

With the crimes in the world rising at an alarming rate, self-safety has become a necessity. People are resorting to various tactics in order to ensure complete safety against any sort of mishaps. Some are setting burglar alarms to protect their homes and loved ones, others are installing anti-theft alarms in their cars and some are forced to purchase and keep guns.

There was a time when gun laws were strict. But, those days are well gone now. With numerous companies involved in producing new and advanced arms and ammunition, and the rate of crime escalating in every country, the laws have become lenient. This is being done to keep the equipment producing companies satisfied and at the same time, it gives everyone the liberty to self-safety. After all, nothing is more important than protecting oneself and the loved ones around.

Gun Safety For Everyone - All You Need To Know



Even though guns have its benefits, it is generally considered as a two-edged sword. An equipment that possesses both, positives and negatives. Positives would include safety and protection against evil and evil doers. And negatives include harming someone or/and your own-self. The latter would not always mean suicide or deliberate self-infliction, at times it can be accidental harm. A lot of times we do not intend to cause any harm but unintentionally things go wrong. For example, during cleaning of the gun, if the bullet has stayed in the magazine, a sudden jerk, can cause it to shoot. This can harm the cleaner, owner or anyone in the vicinity. Therefore, gun safety is crucial.

Anyone that is planning to purchase a gun or already possesses one, must be completely aware of gun safety rules. There are several rules that imply on the owner or user of a gun and hence, following them is ever so important. This would not only keep the holder of the gun safe but would shield the people around from encountering any accident.


1. Never consider gun as a toy

It is vital that a gun is held with seriousness and by someone that is in the right state of mind. Neither should it be considered as a toy and it should never be held by someone that is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Moreover, only an adult with a valid gun license must be carrying the gun and no one else. And adults should also make sure that they keep the gun in their possession and away from children and their reach. It is pivotal that children or teenagers should never be around a gun because even an antic or play can have serious consequences. There have been many incidents where children, imitating an action that they saw on TV, ended up hurting or killing their friends. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the adult or adults that a gun is kept in the best gun safe, gun cabinet or gun vault at all times.

2. When the gun is out, one must always consider it to be loaded

A lot of times, people start to toy with their guns or start to show it around as a spectacle and they are confident that the gun is unloaded. The rule of thumb with guns is to always regard it as loaded and hence, handling it with care. Furthermore, the only way to show it around is by taking the gun magazine out. Only then can the gun's chamber be looked into. If you are not aware of how to remove the magazine or dismantle the gun then do not do it. Ask someone that knows how to or first learn about it before embarking on the journey of working with the gun.

3. Always keep the gun in a safe direction

Obviously, when one would have a gun, he or she would want to bring it out of the safe. They would even want to clean it or show it to friends but while doing so, it is important that the gun is not pointed towards any person or animal. It should be pointing towards a safe direction, a direction that does not have any living creature in way of it. It would be ideal that the gun is either pointing towards the wall or garden or if one is outside then towards the sky would be better. In case the gun does go off, it would not be able to harm anyone which is the key here.

4. Never have the finger on the trigger

Many of us are impressed by characters in movies, trying to copy them while having a gun in hand is not something unique or unheard of. People do it and sometimes, they suffer because of it. The actors in movies or dramas use fake guns and they have controlled environments. They use special effects for when the bullet is shot but there are no special effects in life. Unfortunate things can happen and there is no reversal in real life. Therefore, when aiming towards an object that you do not wish to hurt or harm then always keep the finger off the trigger. We may not be intending to but a sudden jerk, tripping or unconsciously pulling the trigger can cause unreproveable harm and even if it does not harm anyone, it can surely destroy something.

5. Always know what is beyond the target

There is nothing like shooting a target, one has to be aware of what is beyond the target. Whether it is shooting practice or shooting some object in a real life situation, one should always know the surroundings especially of the one behind the target. The reason is when you are shooting towards an object or person then the gun shot can pierce through the object and hurt someone or something afterwards. Being aware of the environment is crucial at every point in life but in such a situation, it is even more so.


With more and more people possessing guns in today's world, knowledge of the rules especially gun safety rules can help everyone immensely. It would keep everyone including the user and the people around safe. And the gun can be used for the purpose it would bought for rather than hurting someone.

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