Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe Review

The personal box gives quick access in case of emergencies with a user friendly Simplex lock and can be used in both your car and home due to its portable nature. The Simplex lock can be made in 1081 possible combinations so unless you have a persistent guest or house member, you should be safe. The box is very sturdy as it feels like it was made with very solid material. There is a carpeting inside the box which is a nice addition to keep your valuables scratch free. The valuables can be a few pistols along with some ammo. You can keep your jewelry and other assets inside as well as this will ensure minimum security.

The hinges are spring assisted and the door pops open after inserting the right combination on the lock. The door opens in the vertical direction which is convenient if you want to store it on the floor or over a shelf.

Solid Made

The construction of the gun safe is solid and sturdy as it is made with 10 gauge steel. While this is a solid enough material to keep your belongings safely inside, in case of a theft or burglary, unfortunately this material will not hold up for very long as the material can be very flimsy against strong tools and thrashing. Anyone with ample time will be able to pry or break it open easily by using some simple hand tools or even by thrashing and throwing it around the room a couple of times. In terms of security against theft and burglary, this gun safe will not hold very strong in my opinion. But as for emergency cases where you need to keep your valuables under lock and key, this will hold up good enough.

Combination Lock

As mentioned earlier, this gun safe uses the Simplex Lock feature and there are 1081 possible combinations which you can put in the safe. This seems like a solid plan and safe enough in the idea, but when you need to use it yourself, you are going to figure out the faults of this plan pretty quickly. The thing is, anyone who is left alone with your gun safe in their knowing there are valuable items inside can work their way to try out all the 1081 possible combinations or even less if you have put it in the one or two thousands with enough time on their hand. I wish the gun safe had an option of shutting down on its own to prevent this very thing from happening but unfortunately it doesn’t. If you have a curious teenager or just plain anyone with enough time to kill, you will definitely be standing on the verge of losing your valuables to them for sure.

Mounting Option

The Fort Knox personal pistol safe can be safely mounted on the floor to more security and I think you should do it to make it more secure in your house. This way at least no one will be able to just take it and throw it around until it breaks open and presents all your precious belongings to the intruder. A mounting hardware is conveniently added with the packaging to make this mounting process easier and faster.

Noise Free Access

The Fort Knox personal pistol safe doesn’t make any loud cranking noises of those large clanging bolts and loud locking mechanisms or any of those loud and annoying beeping noises, unlike many other gun safes. The pistol safe is specifically designed with a noise free lock mechanism and the lock combination doesn’t make any sort of noise when the right combination is made and the opening lid is popped open. This means you can stay hidden from the intruders and potential threats of them while still getting hold of your firearms to defend yourself and your family.

No Batteries

There is no chance of ever running out of batteries and having to face the shut down before changing them since you were just being careless as this Fort Knox personal pistol safe doesn’t use any batteries at all. It means you will never have to get completely shut down and then start from the very beginning with the default settings, unlike many other competitors’ safes.

Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe


  • Quick and easy access to your pistols and valuables without having to run around everywhere to get your valuables at one place.
  • Made with sturdy 10 gauge material to keep the belongings safe and secure in the home or car.
  • Simplex combination lock keeps it safe enough.
  • Can be mounted on the floor for more security.


  • The buttons of the combination lock feel wobbly.
  • The box might be broken open if someone thrashes it around with enough force.
  • Since there are 1081 possible combinations, anyone with enough time on their hand will be able to open it and get access to your precious belongings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What if I forget the combination of the lock?

A: You will have to contact the Illinois Lock Company as stated on the paperwork that comes with the Gun Safe.

Q: Does this safe have a fire rating?

A: No it doesn’t. This safe is fire proof.

Q: Is this gun safe California DOJ approved?

A: No, it isn’t approved by the CDOJ.

Q: Where is the Simplex Lock made from?

A: The Simplex lock is made in the USA.

Q: Does this safe need a dehumidifier?

A: No, it doesn’t. There are no provisions to add one either.

Q: Can I mount this gun safe upside down under my bed?

A: Yes, it is possible as there are four pre drilled holes on the bottom of the gun safe.

Q: Can a security cable be used with this gun safe?

A: No.


The Fort Knox personal pistol safe is a good enough safe if you are looking for a safe to keep your belongings and defense weapon away from the intruder’s and unauthorized people’s hands. However, if you are looking for safety from theft and burglary, I will not recommend this safe to you.

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