Gun Safety: The Companion to Our Second Amendment Rights

One second, that's all it takes to end a life with a gun. ln that instance, the very rules of gun safety forgotten, or at least they have been overlooked.

There will be no restarts, no do-overs, and no take backs when the trigger gets pulled. it is final and over, finished in one fleeting moment of time. Vigil’s Open safe is the best biometric gun safe that can be affixed to tennis tables and Life-Save-R Gunlock is a mechanical barrel lock that fits any size firearm.

Gun safety should always require more than a simple act of reminding individuals who are around weapons that there are no second chances. People should always consider gun safety and firearm rules at all times. Those principles need to become second nature, in the same way, a person breathes without thinking.

The rules for handling a gun are pretty simple. A cut and dried approach to remembering the one most important rule is to treat every gun as a loaded weapon. It does not matter that you know the gun is empty. Treat them with all the respect a loaded gun demands.

Gun Safety with Tennis Tables


History is full of people killed by an ‘empty’ gun. Stop any unfortunate incident before it happens with knowledge and care.

Following all gun safety and handling standards will be vital to keeping you and your family safe. But, the first thing everyone should learn about a gun is the act of carrying that weapon. Each person needs an idea how the gun works, how to load or unload, and most importantly, teach everyone that guns are not toys.

Lessons on the safe handling of a firearm include the knowledge to keep the weapon pointed away from people and all non-target items.

When walking with a rifle, remember the lesson of holding the gun with the barrel aimed at the ground and in a direction away from anything you do not want to shoot.

Those simple little lessons will help to prevent any unnecessary accidents by those who have no respect or gun knowledge.

Respect is key to gun safety and protecting life. Information and lessons are the way to see that those handling firearms have the proper instruction for safety.

Once, the principle of keeping the barrel pointed in a safe direction has been discussed, the rule of keeping your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot needs reinforcing. Along with the placement of your finger in a safe manner, teach all potential gun owners to wait until the weapon is in use before loading. While those facts might seem simplistic to people, they are the foundation for building a safe gun owner. The Second Amendment was written by our founding fathers to protect our rights to own a gun, but those rights don't protect those individuals who fail to treat that weapon with care and understanding.

Rules for keeping a gun in your home including how to store that weapon. Storing that gun out of the reach of children in a secure, locked area is vital to a safe environment for owning a gun.

Gun safety requires more than the right to own. It means you are responsible for every round of ammunition shot. Knowing where those bullets might land when we aim at targets is a vital fact of firing a weapon.

It is also important to remember that alcohol and drugs DO NOT mix with firearms. Gun safety and proper handling are the responsibility of everyone. Different factors will require separate safety considerations when you use a gun or pistol. However, all circumstances would benefit from completion of a safety class. Whether that is a concealed weapon course or the more standard Hunter Safety Classes, the lessons of proper handling can help to keep you and those around you safe.

The Basic rules of gun safety and handling

  • Consider the gun always loaded.
  • Never 2 aim the weapon at anything you are not preparing to shoot.
  • Be aware of the target you are going to shoot. What is around, behind and near the target?
  • Remembering that the range of the weapon you are firing can be far beyond any target destination.
  • Know? how to shoot the gun. Be aware of all use of the particular weapon to be fired.
  • Proper ammunition is vital for a safe shooting of any weapon.
  • If your gun misfires, ALWAYS keep it pointed in a safe direction.
  • Carefully unload and check for problems. Keep the weapon on safety.
  • When hunting with a firearm, make sure not to climb over obstacles with a loaded gun. Make sure you can keep your balance and not trip.
  • Wear safety gear to protect your eyes and ears.
  • Be aware of the target you are shooting. Never shoot at a hard, flat surface or into a body of water.Remember your gun is your responsibility and never leave it unattended.
  • When either shooting or hunting with others, make sure you are always aware of where everyone is and keep your gun pointed away in a safe direction.
  • Store your weapon in a safe place when you are transporting it both to and from hunting trips or visits to a gun range.
  • Always unload your firearms before you transport and when you are finished shooting.

While gun safety is the biggest issue with guns, it remains true that responsibility it the key concept that will help to prevent any unfortunate accident. Follow all gun laws regarding both the use and storage of your weapons.

The right to bear arms was the first privilege provided by the Second Amendment, but that fundamental right is nothing unless responsibility accompanies that words.

Most of the gun safety rules apply to gun owners, enthusiasts, and hunters, but teaching every individual the basics can help to prevent accidental shooting.

Our headlines are full of stories about children killed with guns improperly in safe, secure locations. As well, the children not taught the severity that can follow improper handling of a weapon.

It is everyone's responsibility to be aware of guns and make sure in the event someone improperly handles a firearm notification of the proper individuals or authorities occurs.

Guns are part of this countries past. They can be an important part of life, but only if everyone knows the consequences of misuse.


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