Gun Safety Is The Responsibility Of Every Gun Owner

Gun safety is a subject that everyone who owns a gun needs to be very familiar with. Every year there are many lives lost due to accidental shootings. Every life lost due to a mistake made when handling a gun is a tragedy, largely because many of those deaths could have easily been prevented. Making things even worse is the fact that many of those that lose their lives due to gun accidents are children. Guns are weapons, and they are a highly effective means of self-defense.

We live in a violent world so having a means to protect yourself and your family is a must. Without a gun you are at a severe disadvantage should any armed criminal decide to target you. So, while guns are the source of many needless deaths, you definitely should own one if you want to be able to protect your family. The key to owning a gun safely and not becoming another statistic is to make gun safety a top priority.

Gun Safety and Responsibility

Gun Safety Is The Responsibility Of Every Gun Owner

Make Sure You Are Trained and Know How to Use Your Gun

If you want to own a gun then the number one thing you must do is make sure that you know how to use it. If you have a gun and don't have proper training then you are far more likely to have an accident. You need to familiarize yourself with every aspect of your gun. You need to learn to shoot it accurately, draw it quickly, and clean it after using it. The only time you should be drawing your gun is in a life and death situation where you genuinely fear for your safety.

With so much on the line during a situation like this it is essential that you know how to use your gun. If not then you are just as likely to have the criminal take your gun from you and then use it against you. If you aren't familiar with using guns then sign up for a gun safety class. Also spend a lot of time at the shooting range learning to control and fire your weapon. A gun owner that isn't trained is an accident waiting to happen.

Guns Are Deadly Weapons and Should Never Be Played With

How many times have you heard a story about someone shooting themselves or someone else when they were playing with a gun? It happens all the time, and this is exactly the type of behavior that you must avoid. A gun is not a toy, it is a deadly weapon. It's not something you get out to show other people, or to show off to other people.

It's not something you get out period unless you feel your life is in danger. Many of the deaths that occur due to an accidental shooting happen when someone is trying to take a selfie with their gun and it ends up going off and killing them. The bottom line here is that if you treat your gun like a toy you are asking for trouble.

Always Assume a Gun ls Loaded Until You Have Verified Otherwise

Many of the accidental shootings that occur happen because someone was handling a gun foolishly when they mistakenly thought the gun was not loaded. This ties back into the never play with your gun rule. How many people have shot themselves or others because they were sure they had unloaded their gun?

If you are going to be handling your gun for any reason besides using it for self-defense, then you need to verify and then double check to ensure it isn't loaded. It's better to be safe than sorry, and that's especially true when you are dealing with a weapon that can easily kill you. The bottom line is you must assume that every gun is loaded unless you know for a fact that it is not.

Never Use Your Gun to Threaten Anyone

If you have to pull your gun out it should be as a result of being in a situation where you genuinely felt that your safety, or the safety of someone with you, was in danger. You don't pull a gun out to make a point. You don't pull your gun out to threaten someone. You pull your gun out when you are out of every other option besides a final option.

Does that mean you have to pull the trigger immediately? Not necessarily, that will depend on the situation. For example, if the person that is a threat to you is a good distance away you can probably pull your gun, warn them to back off, and then fire if they do not comply. On the other hand, if you are in immediate danger from someone that is about to attack or shoot you then you pull the trigger immediately.

Don't Get Fancy If You Are Forced to Fire Your Gun

The only time you should pull out your gun is if your life is in imminent danger. In a situation like this you don't want to mess around and try and shoot someone to wound them. At this point it is either you or them, and that means you fire at the largest target possible, their center mass.

You may not like the thought of killing someone, but it's certainly a better option than being killed yourself now isn't it? If you shoot to wound there's a good chance that your attacker will not stop, which places you in danger. So, if you have to pull your gun, and hopefully you never do, then you must shoot to kill.

Gun Safety Is Your Responsibility If You Own a Gun

The minute you purchase a gun it is your responsibility to make sure that you only use, handle, and clean your gun in a responsible way. You have to spend some money to buy the best quality gun safe and hold your guns there to secure it when you never use your gun. If you aren't familiar with guns then that means taking classes and spending time shooting and familiarizing yourself with your gun.

Even if you have experience handling guns you still need to spend time becoming comfortable with the new one you have just bought. Many people die on a regular basis due to their careless handling of a weapon that was designed to do only one thing, and that one thing is killing.

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