Gunvault GV2000C-DLX Multi Vault Deluxe Gun Safe Review

This multi vault deluxe gun safe comes with two shelves for giving you extra pistol storage space. The patented no keys keypad allows for quick access in case of emergencies. The pistol case from the gun vault keeps unauthorized people away from your pistol and valuables while they are not being used. The precise fitting of the door is virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools. There is built in computer inside the safe that blocks the access after repeated invalid key pad entries to get rid of persistent intruders. There are Learn Buttons on the gun safe which makes your job easy to program over 12 million user selectable access codes. The interior is protected from foam line to keep your belongings damage free. The door is tamper resistant and spring loaded. There is an audio disable option to add security of operation in silent mode.

No Keys Keypad

The patented no keys keypad is an improved technique and it seems like a solid idea till you need to use it yourself. The thing is, the whole purpose of the gun safe is shelved away as the keypad does not work about 40 times out of the 100, which makes the product absolutely useless. The safe fails to open over 40% of the time even after you put in the right combination. I thought this must be because the safe was new and will get better with time so I have tried it multiple times myself, only to realize with shock that it had absolutely adverse effect. The situation only got worse over time and after 9 failed attempts I literally punched on one side and the door popped open, which needless to say is another horror all together. The whole purpose of owning the best gun safe is keep my guns and ammo secure and safe in one place while they are not being in used and to have the ability to get my hands on them as soon as I need them. The lock of a gun safe should work every single time, not only 60% of the attempted efforts. You can imagine the horror when someone breaks into your house and you are praying that your gun safe works this time around in sheer panic.

Backup Keys

Thankfully, there are two backup override keys added with the gun safe to make you feel a little bit confident in such situations. While this was provided for cases when the battery has died and you have had no chance to get the warning, I think you should get this handy since about half the time the keypad doesn’t work. In case of emergencies they will take more time than a keypad should, but they might just make the difference in saving your life and that is not easy fit.

Sturdy Built

The construction of the gun safe is safe and secure as it is made with heavy duty 16 gauge steel material. This means it will be able to take a few rattles and shakes if someone tries to break it open. The solid steel also makes the gun safe very heavy which is another plus point in my opinion as it means no one will easily run away with it.

Low Battery Warning

The gun safe runs on a 9 volt alkaline battery which is not included with the package and needs to be bought separately. There is a LED light bulb which will turn on when the gun safe is running low on battery, to give you the heads up and help you get ready ahead of time, before the battery has completely run out of its juices and the safe has shut down. This warning helps you stay on top of your things. But the battery runs out pretty quickly and chances are you are going to have to replace it every three months.

Gunvault GV2000C-DLX Multi Vault Deluxe Gun Safe


  • Precise fitting of the door makes it impossible to pry open with hand tools.
  • Interior is protected with lined foam to keep the firearms and belongings damage free.
  • LED light gives warning when the battery runs low.
  • The audio can be muted to make the opening discreet and noise free in case of emergencies.


  • The keypad does not work and open the door in over 40% of attempted correct combination.
  • Battery runs out pretty quickly.
  • The springs and hinges are exposed on the outside of the gun safe.
  • Two rubber pads below the front panel prevent the safe door from opening completely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are there steel cables added to secure the safe with something?

A: No steel cables, but there are screws added to bolt down the safe to something.

Q: Can you program more than one code in the safe?

A: No, only one code.

Q: Is the inside shelf removable? Is it made with steel?

A: Yes, it is removable. No, it is made with hard plastic.

Q: Is there any special to ‘Wake up’ the safe?

A: No, you just have to punch in your code.

Q: Is the safe fireproof?

A: No, it is not fire safe.

Q: Can the safe be installed sideways?

A: Yes, it can be installed sideways as the door is spring loaded and opens forcefully.

Q: Is it a silent opening or are there beeps?

A: There are beeps which you can mute if you want to.


Even though the other features work great for the GunVault gun safe, it fails in doing its main purpose, which is to open whenever needed. I don’t need an intruder coming towards me and my family only to have my defense locked away because this safe decides just then to not open. I will recommend this if you want to keep your valuables others than pistols to keep safe and to open when necessary with the added keys, but for security issues, I will not recommend this product.

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