Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 Gun Safe Review

The GunVault MicroVault biometric gun safe uses a patented no keys keypad with a fingerprint scanner that holds up to 120 unique fingerprints. The construction of the safe is solid and sturdy, as it is made with 18 gauge heavy duty steel. The inside is protected with a protective foam lined interior that keeps the inside valuables away from damage and also prevents from rattling. The high strength lock mechanism works reliably time after time. The precise fitting of the door makes it virtually impossible to pry open the safe with hand tools. The best part about this safe is that it can be mounted anywhere in any direction so you can choose to mount it anywhere as it deems safe to you. There are convenient elastic straps inside as well, with pockets that can be used for extra storage. The overall interior of the gun safe is very specious as multiple things can be stored.

Can Be Mounted Differently

The GunVault MiroVault gun safe can be mounted on the wall, table, underneath your bed or anywhere else you deem convenient to you as it can be mounted in almost anywhere in almost any angle possible. The gun safe can be mounted in any way possible to make it accessible to you at the fastest time. This feature can be a great thing for users who have been using a safe that opens in only one way or other. This will definitely feel like an upgrade to those users. I find this feature to be handy as it means I can keep mine under the bed and if I feel like, can replace it to my study. I think this mounting option makes the GunVault gun safe a very versatile product.

Override Keys

There are two override backup keys added with the package of GunVault MicroVault safe in case of emergencies, for example if your safe has run out of the battery without you noticing and now has completely shut down. This also gives you an option to quickly get your belongings and firearms if for some reason the finger print option doesn’t work. You know you are not completely helpless if you the keys with you so you will feel more comfortable and confident about your valuables with this gun safe keeping them safe and secure.

Secure Interior

The MicroVault gun safe keeps your belongings and valuables safely tucked inside as there is a protective layer of foam lined in the inside of the safe. The layer is added to make sure that your firearms and other valuable belongings are safe from getting scratched and damaged while you move the safe for some reason. The foam layer also saves the inside belongings from getting rattled. This layer will also mean that your valuable items will be safe even during an earthquake.

Indoor Courtesy Light

The interior portion of the GunVault MicroVault gun safe has an indoor courtesy light which will make your life overall easier while you choose to use this gun safe. The interior courtesy light gets activated when you open the safe and your gun and other things are illuminated in case of low light. If you are facing an intruder in the house, this will be immensely handy as you don’t need to switch on your light or mobile phone to see where your belongings are and possibly trigger a potential threat to yourself and your family by letting the intruder know about your whereabouts.

Solid Construction

The gun safe is made with heavy duty 18 gauge steel which makes the safe very solid and sturdy against any kind of outside threats. The steel construction was done with keeping the user’s safety in the mind. The solid base makes sure that nobody can thrash and throw around your gun safe and make it break open.

Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 gun safe


  • High strength lock mechanism works well to keep prying hands out of your things.
  • Precise fitting makes it impossible to pry open with hand tools.
  • This can be mounted in almost anywhere in any possible way.
  • The interior is lined with foam to keep your things safe and secure.


  • The finger print doesn’t work 100 percent of the time.
  • The batteries run out of juice pretty quickly even without being used to open and close the door.
  • The low battery warning doesn’t work 100 percent precisely all the time and ends up in shutting down of the safe completely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can you use the security cable that comes with other MicroVault safes?

A: Yes you can.

Q: Can this safe be bolted down?

A: Yes, there are pre drilled holes at the bottom of the safe to be mounted on a wall, floor or safe.

Q: Does this safe pop open when it opens?

A: Yes, it does pop a little while being opened.

Q: Is this gun safe DOJ approved?

A: This safe is definitely California DOJ approved, but not sure about other places.

Q: Does this gun safe come with a security cable?

A: Yes, a security cable is added with the package.

Q: How many pistols will this safe hold?

A: At least 3 in compact to sub compact.


The GunVault MicroVault biometric gun safe is a great purchase if you want to keep your small firearms and some valuable belongings safely tucked in a place and easily within your reach. The gun safe works greatly most of the time and if it doesn’t read the finger print for some reason, you can open it with the added override backup keys. The overall features and benefit of this best cheap gun safe is satisfactory and well worth the price. I will recommend this product if you are looking for a decent gun safe that will keep your firearms safely and securely out of every unauthorized person’s reach while they are not being used and make you feel more confident and comfortable in case of emergencies where you will have to take charge.

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