GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe Review

The construction of the handgun safe is solid and sturdy, as it is made with heady duty 18 gauge steel. The interior of the handgun safe is protected and lined with foam to keep your firearms and valuables from damage and also to prevent the rattling. The door closes with precise fitting so it is impossible to pry it open with simple hand tools. The handgun safe is perfect to protect your valuables, firearms and ammo from burglary and potential theft.

The gun safe can be mounted almost anywhere in almost any direction. This feature makes the handgun safe very versatile as you can decide where you want to keep your best handgun safe. There are two backup override keys included in the package to give you the right to access your safe in any event. The safe is powered by a 9 vole alkaline battery and it is not included.

High Strength Lock Mechanism

The high strength lock mechanism of the gun safe ensures that the insides are always kept safe and secure. The lock mechanism is made in a way which makes it impossible to pry it open with simple hand tools. Only you will have access to the inside and your valuables as opening it without the password or the added keys is close to impossible, unlike many other gun safes which can be easily opened by even the most novice burglars and thieves.

Solid Made

The construction of the gun safe is solid and sturdy as it is made with heavy duty 18 gauge steel. The steel construction of the gun safe was essentially made to give the user the best security in the market. This solid made construction makes sure that no one can thrash and throw around your gun safe a couple of times and make it pry open to get hold of your valuable belongings. The steel also makes the gun safe heavy so it is hard to take and run away with it, even if you don’t mount it anywhere and choose to keep somewhere safe.

Back Up Keys

There are two override back up keys added with the package of your GunVault handgun safe to ensure that you get access to your important belongings under any circumstances. This option keeps you safe if for some reason your fingerprint is not working at the moment, or if the battery has died without you noticing. This will also work great if there is a sudden emergency and you are away from your home. Your loved one can open and benefit from the inside valuables even if you are away from home in case of any emergencies or unavoidable situations. I find this feature beneficial as it makes me feel more confident with my firearm and belongings as I know I can get hold of them if all else fails.

Sophisticated Interior

Not only does the outside look professional and solid, but the interior is made with same care and value also. If you open the gun safe, you will see there is a protective layer of foam inside the drawer. This layer is added to make sure that your firearms and other valuables do not get any scratches or get damaged while you are trying to keep them safe and secure. Moreover, the protective line of foam will help in protecting your belonging from getting rattled in case of natural calamities such as earthquakes.

Other than that, the interior has an indoor courtesy light to make your life easier. When you open your gun safe, the interior courtesy light gets activated to illuminate your gun or valuables in case of low light. This will come in handy if you need to get hold of your valuables during the night time and there is an intruder whom you don’t want to alert by switching on your lights.

Multiple Mounting Options

The GunVault gun safe can be mounted on the wall, table or anywhere you find convenient in a lot of different positions according to your needs. If you think mounting it under the table will give you the upper hand, you can. If you feel like you need it under the bed, you can mount it that way, as in making the opening downward. Since the gun safe holds the gun in a way that captures it in a strong hold, it will not fall off even in the upside down position. A mounting hardware is conveniently added with the package to make your life easier.

GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe


  • Sturdy construction with the 18 gauge steel to make it solid against unauthorized trespassing.
  • Foam lined interior to protect against damage and to prevent rattling.
  • High strength locks mechanism ensures security.
  • 2 override backup keys for any emergency.
  • Can be mounted in any direction.


  • Sometimes the gun safe doesn’t open with the touchpad at the first try.
  • The batteries die out really quickly and needs to be changed after 3 months even with no use.
  • The battery low warning light doesn’t always work and light up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it hard to open in the dark?

A: Not really, as there are only four buttons to press and I’m pretty sure you will accustomed to them pretty quickly.

Q: If I mount this on a corner wall, can I secure both the sides with the walls?

A: No, as there is only one mounting bracket added with the packaging.

Q: Can the backup keys be used for any of these vaults?

A: No, each vault gets a different set of keys.


The GunVault gun safe is overall a good purchase, even though it has its faults such as low battery life. I have red reviews saying how this doesn’t work on low battery life and is really secure, I personally didn’t have to face any of such things and I am part of the majority of the positive reviews. I will recommend this gun safe to anyone looking for a discreet and secure gun safe.

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