How To Bolt Down A Safe To A Wood Floor?

Do you have a confusion about the security of your gun safe? Or, do you think you need a better safety of your gun safe? Then you are into the right place. You need to know how to bolt down a safe to a wood floor.

And to get the proper idea of it, you need to know every detail of the bolting down method. It will ensure the total security of the safe.

So, to know more about it, let’s get right into the deeper description to get a clear note!

Method Of Bolting Down A Safe To A Wooden Floor

Bolting down a safe to the floor will provide a complete protection. That’s why you need to bolt it down properly. You can also attach the safe to a wooden floor. It will keep the safe secured.

So, it’s necessary to bolt it down. Let’s see what you should do to bolt the safe down to a wooden floor.

Method 1

When you have guns, you will need to keep them safe. And when you use a gun safe, it should be well-secured. But how will you do it? Let’s check it out.

For doing the method, things that you will need are:

  • Hammer drill
  • Saw
  • Pencil
  • Socket wrench
  • Compressed air can
  • Level
  • Anchor kit with bolts
  • And crowbar

Step 1:

First of all, you have to make a plan. It is because without making a plan before getting into the execution, you will face many problems. To avoid problems and do the process fast, you have to make plans and think about what you will do next.

Step 2:

After that, you have to take the measurements of the place that you want to bolt down. Make sure you choose the place that is safe. So that you can bolt it down well and it can secure the safe nicely.

Step 3:

Now, it’s time to cut the section. And to do it, follow the measurements. Now take the saw and cut the section. You have to make sure that the safe can sit perfectly in that area. And according to that, you need to cut it.

Step 4:

After doing the basic cutting, now you need to outline the anchor hole. You must do it carefully. And make sure the outline should be in the same place. After that, clean the residue out of the holes. That will make it organized.

Step 5:

The final step will be the checking. You have to check after you are done with placing the safe in the right position. Level it well, and be aware if the anchor holes are in place or not. Also, secure the bolts, so that it won’t be displaced anyhow.

Method 2

There is another way to bolt down the safe. It’s a simple process and you can do it with some easy steps. Let’s check the steps in detail so that you can do it quickly for better safety.

Step 1:

First, you need to do welding. And for that, weld the safe with any kind of pole or beam. It will help to support the safe and hold it in place.

Step 2:

Now, bolt the gun safe nicely. Make sure you attach it properly to the wall. And then, connect the safe with a metal chain. All the things will ensure that the safe is attached perfectly, and is well-secured.

Step 3:

Check if all the things are done properly or not. You can also use a heavyweight object. It will help to push the gun safe down with the help of its weight. And that’s how the safe will be secured properly.

Pro Tips

  1. Attach the metal chain if you think the previous method cannot hold the safe properly.
  2. If you cannot or don’t want to use wood, you can also use cement for doing the bolting.
  3. Have patience and use the saw carefully.
  4. Avoid bolting down a gun safe in any open place.

Benefits Of Bolting Down A Safe To A Wooden Floor

Now that you know the method of bolting down the gun safe to a wooden floor, you can guess the benefits when you will use it after that. We are going to show you some of the stuff that will give you some knowledge and you will know the advantages of bolting down the gun safe.

The main thing is the security. When you bolt down the safe with something, it will attach the safe fully and it will be much secured than before. And that’s why no theft can get into this. It will make complete security over the gun safe.

Moreover, the guns will be saved if you bolt it down. It creates a stability on the safe and makes the thing sure that all the guns are kept in a proper way. And that’s how bolting down the safe can ensure the security. And you should definitely bolt it to avoid stealing.

Disadvantages Of Bolting Down A Safe To A Wooden Floor

In spite of having some advantages of bolting a gun safe, there are also some disadvantages too. It’s not that there’s only a good security system and not more than that. There are also some discomfort situations that you might face for doing the bolting down.

Not only you, bolting down can harm your house too. As you know, bolting down to a wood requires holes. And for that reason, you need to make holes into your wall. And that can damage the wall and your lovable house.

Making such holes into the floor or the wall can be dangerous too as you need to use some strong saws. If you won’t be careful while doing this, then you might face injuries. That’s why you need to be careful all the time during the hole-making process.

Furthermore, bolting down a gun safe can be a challenging task for you and also for your safe. It is because you need to do some heavy work. And those jobs can damage the gun safe too. It might decrease the mobility of that gun safe. That’s why you have to be careful so that the level of disadvantages might decrease.

When you are getting a gun safe, you will want a complete safety of all of your stuff. And to ensure that, you bought this safe.

But would it be good if you can get more security than that? Or, what if you are into a confusion of stealing something from the safe by any theft? Having that doubt is natural. But all you can do is to perfectly bolt it down. And if you do that, you can hope to have better safety than before.

So, it’s exactly what we want to describe that will prove the importance of bolting down. Overall, bolting down a gun safe will increase the level of security and all your stuff will be completely protected.

But if you won’t bolt down your gun safe then, you might face much difficulty. The theft can get into the safe easily and steal what they want. And the robbers that have a good experience in their job, can do the robbery easily.

That is the reason you need to bolt down your safe. And if you bolt it down then, they won’t be able to steal anymore. And that will be the beneficial thing for you. That’s why you must bolt down the gun safe to have complete security.

Best Place For A Bolted Gun Safe

Bolting down isn’t an easy task. You will need a proper and permanent place to do it. It is because once you do the bolting, you cannot remove it later. You can remove it but it will also be a matter of hazard for sure.

The reason is, bolting down to a wooden floor requires making holes to the floor. And if you want to remove it, then you need to do as much hard work as you did for bolting. That’s why you need to know what the proper place will be and how to bolt down a safe to a wood floor in a proper way.

Basically, there is no certain and proper place to bolt down a safe. You just have to know what place will be adjustable with your gun safe. Also, if you want to bolt it down in your own house, then you have to know what place of your house would be the perfect one.

All you need is a special and confined room. The room should be secured. And if it is, then you can select the room for doing the bolting down process.

Worst Place For A Bolted Gun Safe

Just like the previous one, you also should take careful steps if the places are safe or not. You must avoid those places that are not secured enough.

Such as, any kind of open area like garage, bedroom especially master room, and any kind of open room should be avoided.

You need to choose that place that is something confined. The most avoided place would be the garage. It is because it will be easier to steal anything from the safe if it’s in the garage.

So, don’t bolt the safe down in the garage. Otherwise, it will be secured if you bolt down the safe in a roomy and confined space.

Final Words

We have tried to describe the basic tricks to bolt down a gun safe. We also shared some pros and cons of it so that you can get a proper understanding of how to bolt down a safe to wood floor.

The most important thing is to do all the things in a safe way. No matter what you are doing but you must be safe.

Though bolting down the safe is a challenging task, safety is required. And when it’s about bolting down to a wooden floor, you have to follow some techniques.

Do all the steps of the methods carefully and you will be able to secure your gun safe and all your stuff too!

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