How To Install A Gun Safe?

Are you wondering about how to install a gun safe? Well, if you’ve asked around about this topic, you might’ve gotten Responses like, “Oh, it’s very challenging and you should contact a professional.

What if we told you it’s not that difficult and you can do it yourself if you know the right method. Storing your guns inside a gun safe just won’t be enough. You have to know where and how to install it.

That’s why we have prepared a detailed, step-by-step guide about the process of installing a gun safe.

How To Bolt Down A Gun Safe

Installing a gun safe is no small feat. It requires a lot of patience and skills to properly install/mount a gun safe to concrete floors. However, the process doesn’t have to be as hard as people make it out to be.

With the right knowledge and necessary tools, you’ll be able to install your gun safe in no time. In order to aid you in that endeavor, we have made of list of the steps that you have to take in order to correctly install your gun safe.

Just follow the steps given below and you’ll be good to go:

Locating Anchor Holes

Most of the gun safes that are currently available in the market have four anchor holes at their bottom. The gun safes that have the traditional design tend to have anchor holes at the corners. And the fireproof safes place the holes at the center.

These holes are used to mount the gun safe firmly to the concrete floor. And that’s why you have to pass bolts through the anchor holes of the gun safe to connect it to the floor.

However, if your gun safe does not feature any anchor holes, you either have to chain it down or weld it to some sort of metal support.

Choose The Location Of Installation

This is the tricky part. You have to choose the most optimal and secured place in your house to install your gun safe. Ideally you should choose exposed cemented flooring for the installation.

If the area has carpet on it, you have to remove it before mounting your gun safe. And make sure to choose a location that’s secluded and out of sight. For instance, you can mount it at the corner of your basement.

If you have wooden flooring, you can still bolt down your safe to the floor. But that would be less secured.

Remove The Carpeting

Put the gun safe on the area that you want to install your gun safe on and mark down the positions of the anchor holes. Then outline the area of carpet that needs to be removed and cut that part out using a box cutter.

If you have laminate or wooden floors, you have to use a drill or a saw to cut out the area near the anchor holes.

Use A Drill To Make The Anchor Holes

Now it’s time to get drilling! But remember, an ordinary drill will have a tough time to drill through cement. You have to use a powerful hammer drill to get the job done.

The holes should be at least 4 inches deep. Put the safe in the chosen area and drill through the anchor holes and bore holes into the cement floor. We suggest you use a drill that features adjustable depth.

And always remember to use gloves and googles while working with a drill. You might need to increase the pressure as you go deeper.

Clean The Debris From The Holes

You can’t start installing your gun safe with all that dust left around by the drill. Take a can of compressed air and hold its nozzle at a 45-degree angle to the holes. And then press it.

Make sure you get all the dust out of the holes. After that take a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the whole area thoroughly.

Put The Gun Safe On The Appropriate Location

Now that you have the anchoring holes ready, it’s time to place the gun safe on top the chosen location. And make sure the holes are aligned precisely.

After that check to see if the gun safe is tilted or not. If you find that the gun safe is indeed tilted, take some wood or paper and put it underneath the safe to level it out.

Bolt It Down

Your gun safe probably came with an anchoring kit that includes lag bolts. Now take those lag bolts and put them through the holes of the gun safe into the holes you made on the floor.

Put washers on the bolts before doing that. Now take a wrench and fasten the hex nuts.

Alternative Options

Installing the gun safe to the floor isn’t your only option. You could also go for the following alternatives:

Welding The Safe

If you can find some sort of metal support inside your house, you can easily weld your safe down to that. It would be quite secured. Put the gun safe right alongside the metal support and use a torch to weld down the areas where they touch.

Chain The Safe To Furniture

It might seem a bit over the top, but this method is quite effective. This way you can keep your gun safe secured without having to bolt it down the floor or the wall. But this technique would be a bit costly as you’ll have to buy a strong chain and a lock.

Put the gun safe near and a heavy furniture and chain the gun safe to the furniture.

Weigh It Down

This method is also quite effective and it doesn’t require you to do anything invasive. Just put a bag of cement or sand inside your gun safe to weigh it down. This will make it hard for any intruder to move the safe around.

Final Thoughts

Even if you have the best gun safe in the world, it can still be cracked open. And that’s why you have to go an extra mile and bolt your gun safe down to a secured location.

And by now you should have a clear idea about how to install a gun safe. We have discussed each of the steps in great detail.

However, if you find this procedure a bit overwhelming, you should hire a professional to get it installed for you.

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