How to Make a Hidden Gun Cabinet

If you own guns, whether for protection or hunting, like many Outdoors enthusiasts then likely you are concerned with finding a good place to store them. This is especially true if you have young children or grandchildren and don’t want them to accidently get their hands on your weapons. That could end up being a tragic situation that is simple to prevent with the addition of the best hidden gun cabinet in your home.


There are many types of designs that work well for a hidden gun cabinet, both DIY and purchasing a readymade place to keep your guns. These type of gun cabinets also work much better than having your gun locked up in the best gun safe, as they are more accessible, and yet they are still hidden away so that neither your kids nor a burglar can find them.

Here are some possible choices for making a hidden gun cabinet:

Gun Cabinet Placed Inside a Wall

One example of a hidden gun cabinet is one that is concealed inside a wall behind something like a long full body mirror or a long painting or similar item. These are placed over the opening to the hidden gun cabinet and used to conceal their location from prying eyes.

First, you must find a natural looking spot. It doesn’t do any good if the cabinet location is obvious, as that defeats the whole purpose of trying to hide it. Plus, you want to put it in a place where it won’t interfere with anything inside the walls such as electrical connections or plumbing or heating fixtures or vents. Once you determine the best spot, all you need are the proper tools to cut the right sized opening.

The opening should be a bit smaller than the item used to go over it (i.e. the mirror or painting). That items ends up being the door to your cabinet. It doesn’t have to be deep, just deep enough to be able to hold whatever type of gun you plan to store. Then, all you need is to build a box to place inside the opening that can be slid into the hole and screwed into place. Then just add the necessary hooks or other devices to hang up your guns.

Then, attach your mirror or painting to a section of wood and install some hinges on one side of it. Then mount it to the wall and make sure it looks natural. You are done! You can decorate it as desired to make your new gun cabinet look more natural if needed.

Gun Cabinet in a Bookcase

Another option for a hidden gun cabinet is a bookcase. Plus it’s easier than the previous method since there’s no need to cut any holes in the wall. All you need is the right size of wooden box to contain the guns, some old books or book spines, and some strong glue. The box must not be any taller than your book spines, and of course the guns must fit inside the box.

Then, all you have to do is glue the book spines to the box so that it looks natural, and make sure the whole thing fits into the bookcase and looks like any other book. The only issue you may have is if someone decides they like the title of that book, but if you place it high up on the top shelf of a large bookcase you may not have to worry about that.

Gun Cabinet Hidden in a Sofa

Here is an interesting thought, would you like to know that your guns are right under your seat in case of an emergency and you need them to defend your home? All you’d have to do is flip off the couch and remove the material and you can see there is lots of empty space there that can hold several guns. Then all you need is some hooks or other kinds of fasteners to hold the guns. No need for a box or anything. Then, cover up the whole thing with the couch material and cushions and that’s all there is to it. Not many people would think to look in this sort of spot if they were looking for a gun to steal.

Gun Cabinet in a Fake Drawer

Another option is to make a gun cabinet hidden in a fake drawer in a dresser or nightstand. All you need is planks of wood, a saw, a pen, glue and a measuring tape. First, take out the drawer you plan to use and use the measuring tape to see its size. Then, make sure you guns will fit into that amount of space.

Then, cut four pieces of wood and ensure these are a bit larger in height than the guns you want to store. These pieces of wood are what will support the corners of the drawer and the fake bottom. Then, cut out the fake bottom from a wood plank and be sure the thickness can support your gun’s weight and that the whole thing will fit inside the drawer.

Then, glue the support pieces into the drawer, let dry and drill a hole into the real drawer bottom. That is how you will open your hidden cupboard. Just thread some string and a metal rod or something you can use to open the fake part. Then, put your guns inside the drawer, and install the fake bottom on top of this. Then, just put the drawer back inside the dresser or nightstand. That’s all there is to it.

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