How to Open a Combination Safe

The combination safe is an excellent piece of equipment to keep your valuable items safe. Combination safes are easy to open but highly effective for the security of your goods. They are vastly used in the small business because of its higher maneuverability. The best thing about the combination safe is it doesn't require any key to remove. It uses a sequence of symbols or numbers to open the lock. You can quickly open the lock within a few seconds using the code.


If you are using a combination safe for the first time, then you may find the procedure a little bit messy. However, don't worry. In this article, we will describe the step by step process of opening a combination safe.

How to Open a Combination Safe

Follow the below procedure for opening a combination safe:

  • At first, turn the dial for a minimum four turns. It will help to clear any previous attempts to open the safe. Then stop on the first number of your four-digit combination.
  • Now turn the dial to the left by passing the second number for twice. Then stop on the second number of the combination on the third turn.
  • Now turn at right and pass the third number of your combination for once. Then stop at the third number of your combination in the next turn.
  • Now reach the fourth number of the combination by dialing to the right and then stop.

You are done! Some safe may require an extra step where you may need to use a key to unlock the safe by dialing the combination code.

The procedure mentioned above works for most of the combination safe available in the market. The other combination safe can be opened using the same process but following the steps in the opposite direction. Such as, you will need to start by turning the dial at left for four times instead of turning on the right.

If you have a combination safe with an electronic lock, then you will not require going through the messy procedure. All you will need to do is typing the lock code on the keypad, and the safe will be instantly unlocked.

How to Open a Combination Safe without the Lock Code

The only drawback of the combination safe is they become tough to crack if you forget the lock code. That is because of the higher effectivity of the lock. The best way to open a combination safe is calling a certified locksmith if you are unable to open the safe. However, if you are considering opening the safe from your own, then you can try the methods that we will describe in below.

The best way to open a combination safe is using the combination bypass, a lever lock which comes with the combination safe. You can pick the lever using a tool often called “2 in 1 picks” and the lock will be unlocked. However, not all the combination safe available in the market don't come with a key bypass. For such combination safe, you will need to use the other methods depending on the safe. If you are using a safe which is cheaply build, then the safe can be dropped from the above to retract the locking mechanism. However, we don't recommend the user to use such the destructive method on their own. It is better to call a locksmith if you don’t find any other way to open a safe.

The locksmiths use different processes such as cutting, drilling, etc. to open the safe. The locksmiths do not prefer cutting as they are messy, slow, and noisy but it is still useful. They just cut the lock from the safe using tools such as a saw.  Drilling is usually much preferable by the locksmith. They use the drilling machine to create a simple hole in the safe and then unlock the lock. However, nowadays the manufacture uses advanced technologies to resist drilling.

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Nothing is as good as a combination safe when it comes to storing valuable items such as cash, documents from any kind of damage or loses. Hopefully, the above piece of writing will be helpful for you to open your combination safe comfortably.

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