How To Open A Sentry Safe With Combination And Key

Using a safe is the best way to keep your valuables protected from damage and theft. Sentry safes are among the best safes in the market as they come with unique features at affordable prices.

So, if you have bought a sentry safe and you are wonder about “How do I open a sentry safe with a combination?” or if you are wondering “How to open a sentry safe with a key?” we have got you covered.

The process of opening a safe may seem a bit tricky at first. But you shouldn’t get worried. In this article, we’re going to go through the whole process in great detail. We will explain each of the steps that you have to follow in order to open a sentry safe.

We will also discuss what you should do if you forget the combination to your safe so that you can access your valuables.

How To Open A Sentry Safe With Combination?

Here are the steps for unlocking a sentry safe by using a key:

  • Open it manually by using a key: At first, you should check whether your safe has a dual lock mechanism. Usually, some sentry safes feature a second lock for extra safety. The second lock seals the safe whether you enter the correct code or not.

So, if your safe features a keyhole then, you can easily unlock the safe by inserting the key inside it and rotating the key in the clockwise direction.

 While you are rotating the key at a certain point you will feel a knock which indicates that the safe has been unlocked and that’s the moment you slowly pull the key out of the safe.

  • Find the combination Code: Most of the time, the electronic safes come with a keypad for unlocking it via typing in a 5-digit combination code. This is called the factory code. You should be able to find it on the back of your instruction manual.

Find the card that has the factory code written on it. It also has the model and the serial number of your safe. So, you should carefully store this card as you may be needing it in the future.

  • Open the safe with the combination: Click on the buttons on the keypad according to your combination. Be careful while doing so and make sure you are pushing the right keys.

In case, you accidentally enter a wrong combination, don’t panic and just wait a few seconds until the safe resets back to its default state and try again. When you enter the right combination code the keypad’s color will change to green and that would indicate that you have successfully unlocked the safe.

  • Remember, if incorrect codes are entered consecutively for a certain amount of times the safe will be locked and you will only be able to unlock it after a certain amount of time.
  • If the keypad does not turn green even after entering the correct code, you will have to change the batteries.

Pull the handle down: You will get a 4-second window for opening the safe after you have entered the combination code. So, as soon as the keypad turns green hold the handle with your left hand and rotate it anticlockwise.

  • If you don’t open the door within 4 seconds, you will need to enter the code again.

Opening The Sentry Safe With A Combination

Here are the steps for unlocking a sentry safe by using a combination:

  • Find the combination for the safe: If you carefully take a look at the back of your owner’s manual you should be able to find a card that contains all of the safe’s necessary information.

There’s supposed to be a 6-digit combination on it where every two numbers are separated by hyphens. The combination looks something like this, 55-44-66.

  • Make the arrow point to zero: Rotate the dial so that the arrow on the top points to the 0 of the dial. It is a good practice to always start rotating the dial from the zero position. This is because if you don’t start with zero the safe may not unlock.
  • Rotate past the first number: In order to open the safe at first, you will have to rotate the dial in the clockwise direction towards the first number of the combination. You will need to do this twice and your dial has to pass the first number twice.

Make sure the two consecutive rotations happen right away. Otherwise the safe will remain locked. If you have a safe that follows the left-right-left format, then rotate the dial counterclockwise. 

  • Stop at the first number: After rotating over the first number of the combination twice, make sure to stop when the top arrow points to the first number. This may seem a little tricky. So we suggest you rotate the dial slowly.

If you overturn it and the dial misses the mark, you will have to start from the beginning.

  • Rotate the dial past the second number: Now you have to turn the dial in the counterclockwise direction in order to input the second number. This time you will need to rotate over the second number of the combination once.

After that, you will have to slowly spin dial so that the dial stops in the position where the top arrow is pointing.

For the left-right-left type safes, the users need to spin the dial clockwise in this case. As previously mentioned, if you overturn then you will have to start from the beginning.

  • Rotate the dial towards to final number: This time you will have to rotate the dial in the clockwise direction. You won’t need to rotate over the last number. Just slowly spin the dial until the top arrows point to the final number of the combination.

As soon as the combination is inputted correctly the safe will be unlocked and you should be able to pull down the handle in order to open it.

If you are not able to open the door, that would mean the combination was wrong and you will have to follow the above-mentioned steps again.

It does take a few trials and errors to get a handle on the process. But, after some practice, it should seem fairly easy to you.

What To Do If You Lose The Keys Or Forget The Combination?

A lot of the customers who own a sentry safe have complained about forgetting their combination or about losing their keys. So, in case that happens to you, here are the steps that you have to take to order recovery codes and replacement keys:

  • Firstly, look for the model number and the serial number of your safe. It should be on the back of your instruction manual. If you don’t have the manual with you, look at the sides of the safe. There should be a place where the numbers are printed.
  • Go to the sentry safe website and type in the serial and model number of your safe, along with your email.
  • Next, you have to pay for the replacements. So, provide your credit card information.
  • After that, you have to wait for the replacements to arrive. It should take about a week for them to send you the recovery combination or a replacement key.

Final Words

We hope that after reading all the steps mentioned above, you have gained a clear understanding of the process of opening a sentry safe by using a key or a combination. Make sure to keep the safe’s information in a place where you will able to easily find it.

The same also applies to the safe’s keys. Always store the keys in a secure location. You should remember that not all sentry safes have the same opening procedure. There are many models available in the market.

If it is an electric safe, you have to use the keypad. If it is a dual lock safe then you have to use the combination and the key as well. So, take the appropriate action according to your safe’s model.

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