Murder verdict in Ahmaud Arbery death is a step toward equal justice

Rev. Jamal-Harrison Bryant

Rev. Jamal-Harris Bryant speaking outside the courthouse in Brunswick, Georgia.

As a lifelong activist, a father and a pastor for more than 20 years, I have struggled on many occasions to reconcile my deep, abiding faith in God’s promise to “keep and never forsake us” with the trauma and anxiety associated with witnessing injustice after injustice when it comes to the value of Black lives in this country.

I have prayed with so many families, counseling them to have faith and trust in God while also preparing their hearts – and mine – to deal with the seemingly inevitable disappointment of a system that too often subtracts Black people out of the equation of fair and equal justice for all.

Yet Wednesday, as I watched guilty verdicts announced for the three individuals charged with murdering Ahmaud Arbery, I allowed myself a moment of solemn contentment and hope that perhaps we, as a country, were moving closer to realizing the promise of America to mete out blind justice.

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