Paintball Gun Safety Rules 2019

Paintball can be very fun and enjoyable only if you follow the rules. The sport is also very safe even when compared to other more relaxed sports such as bowling, with most of its injuries usually occurring from falling or running into obstacles while on the playing field.


However, serious injuries might occur when players fail to follow the rules. For instance, failure to use barrel plugs might result in accidental firing, which might lead to hitting your own or someone else's eye with a paintball. This means that the paint will get into the eye, causing some serious damage.

With this in mind, it is important to know the latest paintball gun safety rules 2019 so as to follow them and enjoy the game to the maximum.

These are:

1. Use barrel plugs

As I stated earlier, barrel plugs are a must have in modern paintball guns. Some may argue that modern markers feature very effective safety features such as safety pins to lock the trigger and this is very true. However, these features may fail and a barrel plug might just be the last line of defense that you need.

This component is basically a safety device that blocks the end of the gun's barrel, ensuring that the paintball won't escape the barrel if you forget to engage the safety features of the marker As such; this is a very essential paintball safety gear to have.

2. Always wear paintball masks

Paintball masks are also a countermeasure to protect your eyes from getting into contact with the paint just in case you or a fellow player accidentally fires towards your face.

However, unlike the plug, this mask should be kept on in the entirety of the game. The only time that this gear should be taken off is if the barrel plugs that I mentioned earlier, are inserted back into the loaded guns.

An alternative that was used earlier was paintball safety glasses, but these are inferior to masks because they only cover the eyes.

3. Set the marker's velocity to under 300 FPS

Even though the game is all about hitting and eliminating your opponent, I recommend that you do it without causing them harm. Generally, firing paintball's at over 300 fps might cause damage such as puncturing the skin and severe welts.

To avoid this, ensure that you and the rest of the players keep the gun's firing velocity at under 300 FPS. This can be achieved using a paintball chronograph, which basically measures the speed of the ball when it is fired using its sensors, allowing you to adjust accordingly.

4. Surrenders

Even though reducing the velocity of the marker makes it safer for the players on the receiving end, it is recommended to avoid shooting them if they are within 10 feet from you. This is because such close shots can be painful and most referees will actually rule against you in such a case.

This is where surrenders come in I recommend letting players surrender if you have a shot on a close opponent. In fact, many paintball fields recommend this in their games.

5. Avoid blind firing

Blind firing basically means firing without having your target in sight. For first time players, they might be tempted to stick their fingers to the trigger because of the excitement and this might result in firing at players that are exiting or other things that you shouldn't shoot at.

Additionally, it results in wastage of paintball's, resulting in more frequent refills that might affect your performance in the game.

6.  Playing rules

  • Avoid alcohol or any drug use while on the field or even before playing. It is not safe to handle a paintball gun when not sober.
  • Do not carry other weapons such as knives to the field. Also, avoid carrying paintball gun adjustment tools to the field. Use the recommended paintball's for the marker that you are using.
  • Ensure that the gun is clean and in good condition before going into action.


If you follow these paintball gun safety rules, you will surely enjoy the game. The only additional thing that you should consider is common sense. Other gun safety rules that are not mentioned above are mostly things to do with common sense.

For instance, you should not look down a loaded barrel, don't test shoot yourself and always keep the gun in safe-mode when not in use

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