Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model #QAP1BE Review

This biometric quick access pistol safe will give you the peace of mind to keep your weapons stored safely within your arm’s reach. The internal storage can hold up to 1 J and K size revolver or a full size automatic hand gun. The pistol safe doesn’t make any noise, so no intruder will be aware of your actions in case of an emergency. The top lid is designed to be pry resistant. Made with solid steel, you can be assured that your gun is safe from unauthorized people.

The pistol safe can be accessed single handedly, meaning you can be dialing 911 with one hand while retrieving your gun with the other. The biometric safe can be accessed with a fingerprint, along with a combination lock for a quick access in case of your emergencies. It makes your valuables secure as well since your fingerprint is one of a kind.

Double Lock

The quick access biometric pistol safe has double lock system to keep your guns and ammos extra secure against intruders or prying children. You can program a fingerprint of your own as well as a combination for getting quick access. The reader of the pistol safe can read up to two programmed fingerprints. It allows for single handle access to your valuables, which will come in handy in case of an emergency. The pistol safe also has a programmable digital keypad with an override key and a zero audible feedback. Since there are multiple ways to enter the safe, you can feel confident that in case of a true emergency, you will be able to get hold of your firearms rather quickly.

The combination lock can be accessed with the keypad. When you press on the first button, the rest of the buttons light up with a blue light, to help you see better to make the combination right. As you keep on pressing the right ones, the buttons light up with a green light. At the end of the key, the door pops open. I like the fact this combination is not easy to press as it will keep persistent people away.

Sturdy Construction

The quick access biometric pistol safe is made with heavy duty 12 gauge solid steel to keep the valuables safe and secure inside. The 12 gauge solid steel means it can’t be easily pried open or be thrown around to make a dent.

Whisper Quiet Entry

The quick access biometric pistol safe doesn’t make any loud cranking noises of those large clanging bolts and loud locking mechanisms, unlike many other gun safes. The pistol safe is specifically designed with a zero feedback lock system along with a compression gas strut. This means you can stay hidden from the intruders and potential threats of them while still getting hold of your firearms to defend yourself and your family.

Single Handed Entry

The SentrySafe quick access biometric pistol safe has a compression gas strut which opens the lid and keeps in that open position. This feature makes sure that you can get single handed entry to your firearm without having to move the safe or make any sounds to alert the intruder. The feature also allows you to call 911 with one hand while you get your firearm with the other. I personally like this feature a lot as it makes me feel confident if I do happen to encounter such a terrible experience ever in my life.

Pry Resistant

The SentrySafe quick access biometric pistol safe is designed with a top lid that is pry resistant. This pry resistant door helps in preventing unauthorized access to your firearms. The door is fused with solid steel construction to make you feel safe and secure in your house as it means your family will not come across the firearms, even if you have prying children.

Sentry Safe Biometric Pistol Safe QAP1BE


  • The keypad responds instantly to wake up from the sleep mode.
  • Installation is super easy and can be done in minutes.
  • Double lock system makes the safe extra secure.
  • Whisper quiet entry for a noise free access to the firearms.
  • 12 gauge heavy duty solid steel construction.


  • In some cases, the door makes loud squeaking noise.
  • The batteries die really quickly without giving any warning beforehand and fumbling for keys in case of an emergency is not acceptable.
  • Sometimes the biometric reader doesn’t work in the first try.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is this pistol safe fire resistant?

A: No, it is not fire rated.

Q: Does the unit come with anchor points for wall mounting?

A: No, as it was not designed for wall mounting. The unit can be mounted on a shelf or on the floor as it holes in the bottom. But if you still want to mount it on the wall, you can use a magnetic tray to keep the insides from falling out.

Q: Is there a locking cable?

A: No, but it has two large screws to attach the safe on the floor or a shelf.

Q: Can the safe be open with only biometric scan or both locks need to be opened?

A: You need to wake up the safe from Sleep motion by pressing on the keypad. After that you can simply swipe your finger to open the safe.


All in all, the SentrySafe biometric quick access pistol safe is a decent enough pistol safe in my opinion. Sure, it will not make your pistols and ammos theft free, but it will surely keep them out of the unauthorized person’s reach. In case of emergencies, I believe this pistol safe will definitely come in handy. I also like the double lock system a lot as it means double protection against intruders. I will recommend this product to anyone looking for a solid decent and best pistol safe to keep their valuables within an arm’s reach and away from the prying hands of unauthorized people.

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