SentrySafe SFW123GDC 1.23 Cubic Feet Extra Large Digital Electronic Fire-Safe Review

The SentrySafe safe lets you protect your safe from unauthorized access with an additional key lock. The special feature in this extra large electronic safe is the advance fire protection system of this safe. The electronic safe has been UL classified for fire endurance. It can endure fire for up to 1 hour at 927 degrees Celsius or 1700 Fahrenheit. The safe is different from other competitors’ safes because it has 60 percent bigger bolts than the traditional safes. For additional security there is a pry resistant hinge bar that denies access to unauthorized hands. Overall this electronic safe is very serious about the safety measures to protect against all types of access to people with no authority.

The electronic safe is resistant against water as well and can endure up to 8 inches for 24 hours. There is a programmable digital lock in the electronic safe that lets you choose your unique combination to protect against theft and burglary.

Solid Construction

The makers of this electronic safe was very serious to make a electronic safe last for years and make it protected against all odds, and the solid construction is the clear indication of that fact. The electronic safe features a solid steel exterior along with four 1 – inch live locking steel bolts which are almost 60 percent bigger than those of the traditional safes. The hinge bar is pry resistant to provide additional protection against forced entry. The dual electronic lock and key deliver increased security to the user. The package includes a bolt down kit which can be used to easily bolt the electronic safe to the floor, to make it even safer and more secure against theft as nobody can take it off with them with the bolts being screwed on the floor.

Fire and Water Resistant

The SentrySafe electronic safe is protected against both fire and water for up to a certain period of time considering a certain criteria. The fire safe has been certified by the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and Edison Testing Laboratories (EBL) to provide one hour fire protection in temperature up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit or 927 degrees Celsius. The safe is also water resistant and it can sit in up to 8 inches of water for up to 24 hours without sustaining any damage caused from the water to ruin the valuables inside. In addition to being water and fire proof, the SentrySafe electronic safe has been tested and subjected to 15 foot height drop tests to check how well it undergoes a drop that high. It has been checked and tested that the contents inside remain intact and the safe remains locked without being broken open from such a drop. It means that no intruder or thief can throw around your electronic safe to make it break open as it can take some beating, thanks to the solid steel construction.

Smart Features

There are many smart features incorporated inside the electronic safe to make your life more convenient while you use this electronic safe. It has several features which will help you to keep your irreplaceable valuables organized and in place. The interior of the door has a key rack for quick access. There are also a tray and a pocket for small items to keep such as CDs, DVDs and USBs. There is a drawer inside of the electronic safe which can be locked to provide additional privacy. There is a bright interior LED light inside to make it easier for you to see your things properly. There are other nice touches to the electronic safe such as a backlit keypad that comes super handy when you need to access your safe in the dark or low light. There is another nice feature with a quick access battery pack to make your job simpler while replacing the batteries.

SentrySafe SFW123GDC 1.23 Safe


  • Fire and water proof technologies enabled to keep your belongings extra safe even in case of calamities and emergencies.
  • Solid steel construction with dead bolts to make the safe extra secure from prying hands.
  • The safe has been drop tested to check out how hard it is to break open the safe and the lock.


  • This safe is not safe for guns as is stated on the manual.
  • Sometimes the lock gets jammed and the only way to get your things out is to break it open with a hammer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can the interior drawer be removed?

A: Yes, the interior drawer is removable. You can move it up as well if you want to and place it in different slots. The drawer has a locker on it and comes with a key.

Q: How much does this safe weigh?

A: About 110 pounds.

Q: What kind of batteries do I need for this safe?

A: Four AAA batteries.

Q: How many digits are used in the combination code of the safe?

A: 5 digits.

Q: What happens when the batteries run out?

A: Without the batteries the safe can’t be opened. You will have to change the batteries to make it work again.

Q: Does the safe get condensation?

A: No, as it has moisture pack.


Overall, I like the idea and multiple smart features and benefits that the electronic safe provides to the user. However one thing that I do dread is the lock getting jammed with my valuable things getting locked inside. The idea of having to break it open with a hammer like other users have mentioned makes me anxious as well. I personally like the performance and benefits provided by the SentrySafe electronic safe so far and so I will recommend this product to anyone looking for a safe to keep their valuables securely within an arm’s reach. I think shopkeepers will benefit even more from this best gun safe as it is water and fire resistant and perfect to be kept in the shop to keep the day’s profits. I think the features are worth the price as well.

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