Six Key Gun Safety Measures to Observe

If one owns a gun for personal protection, hunting or target practice, it is very important that Gun Safety measures be observed to avoid accidents. There are no second chances with a gun and the rules for safe gun handling must always be followed. These rules are meant to prevent and minimize the risk of death, bodily harm or damage brought about by the unintentional discharge, gun malfunctions and discharge arising from negligence.

The rules that enhance Gun Safety are easy to observe, and if all gun owners were to do so 10026 of the time, accidents and damage arising from the inadvertent discharge of the gun would not happen. Here is a look at a number of these rules.

Six Key Gun Safety Measures to Observe

Six Key Gun Safety Measures to Observe

1. Always keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to shoot

This is the most important of the rules, and needs to be observed 100‘3’0 of the times. There will be 036 chances of the firearm discharging if the finger is kept well clear off the trigger. Failure to observe this rule can lead to a discharge of the gun, and such a discharge can only be referred to as negligent. It is important to make this practice second nature for safety purposes. The finger should be placed along the slide and frame instead of placing it in the trigger guard or on the trigger itself. Once one becomes accustomed to handling the firearm this way, it will be nearly impossible to have an accident with the gun.

2. Always keep the gun unloaded until you are ready to use it

Guns should be unloaded when they are not in use. When either picking or returning the gun to its safe storage, take some time and effort to ensure that it is unloaded. This also applies to when one passes their firearms to another person. ln this case, one must make sure to check that the cylinder or action is open, and to visually confirm that it is not loaded.

Conversely, one needs to be very keen when handling a gun that is not theirs. Never take anyone's word that the gun is not loaded. Always make the assumption that all guns that you have not personally checked are loaded, and take the necessary steps to check this and unload them if they are not in use. Even in a situation where the owner of the gun actually shows you that the gun is clear and puts it down, be sure to check it once you pick it up. Further safety-check it as you also set it down after use.

3. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction

Do not at any one time point the muzzle of the gun at someone or something you are not prepared to fire at. It is important to note that even after double checking to ensure that the gun is not loaded, always handle it as though it were loaded for enhanced safety. Keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction, unless of course you have acquired your target. Keeping the gun pointed in the safe direction will guarantee that even in the event of an accidental discharge, death, bodily harm or damage will not occur. The practice of pointing the muzzle in the right direction is applicable at all times when you are handling the firearm, but it is critical when one is field stripping, unloading or loading the gun.

4. Always be certain of your target and what lies behind it

Do not place your finger on the trigger, point the firearm or shoot if you have not clearly sighted your target. It is also imperative that you be certain what lies behind the target before you engage. Bullets have been known to hit, penetrate and go beyond their intended targets. Only shoot when you are certain that what lies beyond the target will not be harmed or damaged by the shot. Be on the lookout for obstructions behind your intended target that may cause the bullet to ricochet and hit anything else other than the target.

5. Create an awareness in the home about gun safety

An important aspect of Gun Safety is to ensure that you create a safe environment for your family. Kids and other family members should be taught gun safety measures, and should be required to behave in a safe and responsible way around the guns. Initiate dialogue in the family on the subject of safe handling of the firearms, the family's firearm storage plan and ask the family members to sign a pledge undertaking to take mutual responsibility for the safety of the firearm in the home.

The guidelines for the young children should stipulate that if they were to find an unattended firearm, they are to immediately inform a responsible adult and not touch it at all. Be on the lookout for changing family dynamics - growth of children into curious teenager, for example - and adjust your home firearm policy appropriately. Hunting shotguns are shoulder-fired weapons, and are generally smooth bores, but guns designed to fire slugs may have rifled barrels.

6. Always ensure that you observe Gun Safety storage and transportation rules

When not in use, the firearms should be stored in a place that is inaccessible to people who are not authorized to handle them, including kids. Make a point to store the ammunition separately from the gun. The best gun safes, gun vault and locked cabinet can be safe places to store the firearm. It must be emphasized the safe storage of the gun is the gun owner's personal responsibility. They therefore need to take the matter with a lot of weight to ensure the safety of anyone who may be in the vicinity of the firearm.

In the same way, the gun owner must ensure that the firearm is transported in a safe manner should the need to transport it arise. One way of ensuring safety in transportation is by making sure that the gun is unloaded, and that the cylinder or action is open. You probably don't want to lug a huge binocular around in the woods, and large-objective rifle-scopes may not mount properly on your gun.

The culture of gun safety can be enhanced in the home, the neighborhood and the general society by having responsible gun owners who place a lot of value on Gun Safety measures. It is therefore important that the gun owners make a commitment by observing safety rules when handling the firearms.

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