SnapSafe Lock Box Review

SnapSafe lock boxes give you the ability to safely and securely take your firearm with you when you leave your house. Those of us with a Concealed Carrier Permit will know full well that there are certain places that you cannot enter with your firearm in the USA. Rather than just stashing your weapon on your car glovebox, the SnapSafe lock box offers a secure and sturdy gun vault that will keep your firearm hidden, safe and locked away from potential thieves and minors accessing it.

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Easy to Operate Key Lock

In times that you need to access your firearm immediately, you need a quick and easy key lock that will open your SnapSafe lock box instantly so that you can grab your weapon. Whether it’s stored in the house on in your car, the lock on your SnapSafe lock box has been designed to open immediately with a quick turn of the key. Giving you instant access to your firearm, as soon as you need to use it for your safety, or the safety of others.

Steel Security Cable

All SnapSafe lock boxes come with a 150olb rated cable, to double up on securing your weapon and/or valuables and documents that may be stored inside the lock box. Although they won’t stand up to bolt cutters, they will add an extra layer of tamper proof security to protect your valuables and deter thieves. The cables are four feet long, tamper resistant, and designed to secure to immobile objects. These sturdy cables can make all the difference in the eyes of a thief who has a small window of time in a smash and grab situation. This cable allows you to store your lockbox wherever you want, securely fastened to a sturdy stationary object.

Protective Foam Interior

Inside your SnapSafe lock box are four thick protective memory foam inserts, these are here to add extra protection to your firearm and valuables that may be stored inside the box. This added layer of scratch protection will help to keep your valuables safe from any marks or damage, should your SnapSafe lock box get bashed about or thrown around on the road or in inside your house. The foam is high quality, and manufactured for ultimate protection of your goods.

Heavy Steel Construction

The SnapSafe lock box is made from high grade, heavy steel. This makes them durable and adds a thick layer of solid metal protection to secure all the items that you hold inside. When traveling around or thinking about storage spaces for your valuables, you can rest in the knowledge that no matter how many bumps and scrapes the SnapSafe lock box receives, the goods inside will remain protected and secure. This is particularly important when storing loaded weapons, as they need to remain still and secure at all times.

Pry Resistant

The SnapSafe lock box is pry resistant and simply won’t budge if anybody should try and lever the box open. In smash and grab or burglary situations, if your SnapSafe lock box is secured to a stationary object, thieves may well try and prise the box open using a knife or a wedge-shaped object. These security boxes have been designed to make prying almost impossible, leaving thieves in the lurch, and your items fully secured. This feature will help to keep your precious items 100% secure.

Meets TSA Airline Firearm Guidelines

The Transporting Firearms and Ammunition guidelines state that you are allowed to transport unloaded firearms in a locked hard-sided container as checked baggage only. You must declare the firearm and/or ammunition to the airline when checking in your bag and luggage at the ticket counter. The container must be completely secure in order to prevent the firearm from being accessed in transit. The SnapSafe lock box is TSA approved and will allow you to take your gun on holiday with you, in accordance of the gun laws of your final destination.

Perfect Size for Storage, Travel, and most Small Firearms

At 9.5” x 6.5” x 1.74” these SnapSafe lock boxes are compact and ideal for storing most small firearms. They can be easily stored out of sight, and can be slipped away in various hiding places in order to get them out of sight of potential thieves, children and anybody that could cause, or be in danger if they access the contents. It’s best to store your SnapSafe lock box somewhere safe and secure that only you and a trusted friend or partner know about.


  • 16-gauge steel construction.
  • Interior lined with memory foam for added comfort and protection.
  • DOJ certified.
  • Meets TSA security requirements so you can travel with this case.
  • Locking mechanism only opens with a key for added security.
  • Comes with a steel cable to attach to any fixed surface.
  • Highly portable.


  • In rare cases, safe may be sent out without accompanying key.
  • Padding is not flush with the side of the box, so it can slide around a little.
  • On rare occasions, lock may not be opened via key, meaning that you must break into the safe to extract the valuables inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the dimensions of the safe?
Exterior dimensions are 6.5” x 9.5” x 1.74”. Interior dimensions are roughly half an inch shorter, this is partly due to the inside hinge and the foam padding. The steel cable also takes up a bit of space. So be aware of that when making a purchasing decision.

Q: ls the SnapSafe lock box easy to pry open?
In a word... no! However, given the right tools and the correct amount of force, it wouldn't be impossible to break into. However, this could take some time and could therefore deter thieves.

Q: How does the security cable work?
Loop the cable around a fixed surface. This could be a table leg, a steering wheel, or any metal bars etc. you may have in your house or vehicle. Next, insert the small end of the cable into the box, it will come out of a small slit on the side. The loop on the end will prevent anyone from stealing the SnapSafe lock box.

Final Verdict:

For those of us that feel safer and more secure traveling with a gun, the SnapSafe lock box is a perfect transport option. It can store a handgun and some ammunition very comfortably and, because it’s TSA approved, you can store it in your luggage stress free.

Don't forget to check  the gun laws in your destination country, as not all countries like it when you're taking a gun into their territory. Apart from that, the SnapSafe lock box is sturdy, safe, dependable, and affordable.

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