Top 3 Best Pistol Safe Buying Guide

Owning a gun or a firearm is essential for the protection of self and your loved ones as well as your possessions from burglars or miscreants. However, the ownership comes with the responsibility of keeping it safe and out of the reach of children who might use them, leading to loss of lives or inflicting injuries and damaging properties. One of the best ways to keep your firearm safe and secure is to purchase the best gun safe at an affordable rate.

Buying a sturdy, fire-proof, and biometric gun safe and keeping all your pistols and guns in it will give you peace of mind. You know well where they are kept and can easily access them at the time of emergency conditions. Being secured in a safe with a lock and key, these firearms don’t pose any risk to anyone. Besides, it shows that you are responsible, realize and respect the power of the firearm, and don’t intend to use it recklessly.

Features To Look for in Your Pistol Safe

When you are looking for an affordable, bang-for-buck, or high-end pistol safe, you should consider some crucial factors and/or features that will help you make the right choice:

Locking Mechanism

Your pistol or gun safe should feature a powerful locking system like a lock with a keypad, a key lock for backup entry, or a biometric scanner for personalized access. A backlit keypad adds to your convenience as you can easily view numbers in the dark.

Tampering Alert

Some gun safes register alerts on your mobile when an intruder or other person tries to access the handgun safe with the incorrect fingerprints, keypad entries, or backup keys.

Silent Entry

You may catch an intruder by surprise if your handgun safe comes with this feature that allows you easy access to your safe without a sound.

Power Options

Check out power options needed for electronic locks or interior lighting and dehumidifier in a safe. Are they battery operated or do they need an exterior outlet? You must choose the maximally convenient one.

Best Pistol Safes

Here is a checklist of some of the best pistol safes that you can buy to keep your handgun safe and secure.

1. Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe


The Fort Knox PB4 Personal Pistol Safe is a sturdy high-security pistol box that can be suitably used in a wide range of applications. Made from heavy 10 gauge steel body and featuring a 3/16’’ plate door, it will help protect your pistol and valuables in your car or home. You can easily access your pistol using simplex combination locks. Your handgun would be kept securely in a concealable security box. Besides, you can mount the box on the floor with a 5/16 bolt fitted through the four holes present in the bottom of the safe that will give your firearms more security. It comes with a lifetime warranty that will assure you of its quality and give you mental peace.

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2. Gunvault GV2000C-DLX Multi Vault Deluxe Gun Safe


It is a unique gun safe with a built-in computer that blocks access after repeated wrong entries of keypad that makes it tamper-proof from the intruders. It features a heavy gauge steel body with a spring-loaded front panel that opens with force. The door hinges are precisely fitted that can’t be opened with simple hand tools. With over 12 million access codes offering, one can choose one’s preferred access code that would be known to the owner only and will remain obscure. The interior of the same consists of foam lining that keeps your valuables safe from scratches or damage.

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3. Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe


The Quick Access Pistol Safe features a biometric access system and allows storage of one J and K size revolver and one full-size semi-automatic handgun. It comes with a sturdy top lid that can’t be opened with simple hand tools. You can use the safe single-handedly, making it easier and more convenient for you, especially when you have lack of time in case of an emergency. You can easily hide the small-sized safe in a closet or small shelf and keep your pistol safely stowed away when not needed.

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Whether you are looking for the best biometric gun safe or the best pistol safe with mechanical keypads and locks or electronic locks, you should rely only on a well-reputed and experienced supplier to get a high-quality pistol safe at a pocket-friendly price.

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