Top Rules that Will Help You to Ensure Gun Safety

Using your gun is a skill that is learnt. Therefore, it is abundantly clear that you should not go around carelessly handling your firearm. You are a person of immense dignity, and you respect other people's right to life. The following gun safety rules prove to be monumental as far as gun operation and handling are concerned.

Allow only authorized people to use your gun and store it in a secure place when you never use it. You can use gun safe to secure your guns. Can get lots of best gun safe under $500 available on market, why not you buy one. All firearms that are not in use should be unloaded and kept far away from any unauthorized user. The following rules are meant to help those who are authorized to use the guns:

Gun Safety The Companion to Our Second Amendment Rights

Always Treat The Firearm As If It Were Loaded

When you use your gun, there is no chance for you to throw caution to the winds. You treat it the same way you do when it is loaded. There are no “1 thoughts" or if’s when you use your gun because life is so delicate. You could fall, and the muzzle points at you or your immediate neighbor. Never jeopardize your life or those around you. You don't fool around with a gun. Not even when dry firing.

Keep The Muzzle Pointed In a Safe Direction

If you care about gun safety, then this is one basic rule you can't ignore. This means you don't point at anything you intend to destroy. Not yourself, not your friends. Even when you fall, or you are climbing on anything, you must keep the muzzle in control.

Remember accidents are bound to occur anytime. You should point in a safe direction so that in case you have an accidental discharge. none is harmed. Such accidents occur during loading and unloading of your gun. When dry firing with an unloaded gun, always point in a safe direction.

No finger On The Trigger

This is not until you have the sight of whatever you want to shoot. You must observe this rule 1009s. There is no room for any mistake. Most modern guns are bound to discharge any time the finger touches the trigger. Why then should you make a grievous error? Any discharge from your firearm due to your finger being at the guard of the trigger is considered to be negligence, not an accident. So, beware. There is zero chance for a discharge if your finger is away from the trigger.

Know Your Target and Note What Lies Beyond It

You can shoot your target, and the bullets go through them onto the objects or people behind this targets. What does that mean? Ensure you are aware of what is behind the target covered by your muzzle. if you are out shooting as a sport. choose one person from your group to be a security guard to observe a radius of more than two miles. It is advisable to use your eyes before you fire. Never shoot at any passing noise since you could kill someone in the process.

Wear Ear and Eye Protection During The Shooting Exercise

This one is meant to protect you and you alone. if you go out hunting or target shooting, your eyes and ears need to be safe. There are a variety of protective materials. That protects ears from the extreme noise that, may damage your ears.

Wear protective glasses to guard against falling shots, twigs and clay chips. Some other substances may also get into your eyes in the process of cleaning your gun. You see, almost all the other gun safety rules protect both you and those around you. This one is exclusively intended to help you alone.

Use The Right Ammunition

With a variety of guns presently; you need to be cautious when choosing an ammunition. You can't use any shells, BBs, pellets or cartridges on any gun. Ensure that you use ammunition's meant to be used on that particular firearm. Most firearms have information of the ammunition to be used stamped on the cartridges. Alternatively, this information can be printed on the barrel of your gun. That, however. doesn't mean that we turn a blind eye on checking whether everything is right.

Service Your Gun Regularly

Remember that your gun is a mechanical device made by experts. Never be tempted to change the way it functions. Just don't. Do not make any alteration in the triggers or any other part of the gun. Leave your gun l the original condition in which you purchased it.

Any changes made to it by second rate experts or by you can make the gun void. and that puts your safety and that of those around you at stake. Obviously, your gun is subject to wear and tear. It will fail to work properly at some point. That means that you need to take it to service it regularly. A gun that is not clean is not a perfect one for usage. I carry it in a holster in the back pouch of my cruiser bikes jersey. It took me awhile to figure out a gun that worked, and that I could access easily if needed.

You would wish to own a firearm that lasts for long and gives you value for your money. For it to function properly, you MUST remove accumulated dirt, grease and moisture. There should be no ammunition in the cleaning area. Your firearm must be unloaded during the cleaning exercise.

No Alcohol, Prescribed or Over The Counter (OTC) Drugs

You don't want to destabilize yourself before a shooting exercise. The drugs can impair both you physical and mental bodily functions making you vulnerable to careless shots. One way to ensure that is adhered to is avoiding these drugs at all costs. Never use them when or before using your firearm. No wonder we say that gun safety starts with you and is all about you. I wanted to vacuum-pack the rifle as extra insurance against rust

Final call If you haven't used a gun, don't try it until you have learnt how it operates. There are bad news and good news for you. The bad news is that you can wreak havoc to those around you and yourself if you know not how to use your gun. The good news here is that you can learn and be a master of all these rules. That opens the doors to new hunting and sporting activities.

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