Types of Best Handgun or Pistol Safe

Browse our selection of best gun safes for handgun/pistols and ammunition storage. We have the top brands of handgun safes and lockboxes to keep your pistols safe from children and unwanted hands. There are sizes from small pistol safes to micro vaults capable of holding 4+ handguns. Compare prices and get the best deals on handgun safes here.

3 Types of Best Handgun or Pistol Safe

There are a few different types of best handgun safes for pistols and handguns on the market. Most gun safes on the market are fireproof for 1-2 hours and will keep your guns protected for a very long time.


Biometric Handgun Safes

Biometric gun safes and mini vaults are the most secure kind of safe available. With fingerprint scanning technology, they are the fastest gun safe to open with the touch of your finger and they are the hardest type to crack open. The fireproof best biometric gun safes are available.

Electronic Lock Pistol Safes

Electronic pistol safes and microVaults are opened with an electronic keypad. These safes are also very secure and can only be opened with the correct keycode or physical key in case of a forgotten password. Fireproof electronic gun safes are available.

Combination and Key Lock Gun Safes

The last two kinds of handgun safes are the oldest models, which are the key lock gun safes and combination lock gun safes for pistols. These gun safes simply use a lock and key or a combination code to function and are the easiest type of safe for criminals to open. Both combination handgun safes and key lock pistol safes are available in fireproof models.

Best Brands of Handgun or Pistol Safes

GunVault Gun Safes, Grizzly Biometric Gun Safes, Barska Minivault Gun Safes, Stack-On Pistol Safes, Secure-It Hand Gun Safes, V-Line Keyless Security, ADG Sports Electronic Pistol Safes, LockSAF Gun Safes, LockState Fingerprint Pistol Safes, American Security (AMSEC) Handgun Safes, Plano Pistol Safes, SentrySafe Fireproof Gun Safes, Sportlock Pistol Safes, Gun Vault Biometrics, Boyt Personal Safes, Bulldog Car Safes, MTM Handgun Storage Safes, Homak Wall Gun Safes.

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