V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage for Guns and Valuables Review

The V – Line quick vault can be the perfect hiding place to secure your firearms and other valuables to have them conveniently within your reach. The white modern looking sleek design will add to the aesthetics of your room. The vault is designed to install in between the wall studs for a safe and secure safe. You can hang a picture over the vault to make it completely discreet. The attached frame gives the look a completely clean and finished look for hiding the drywall cuts. The door is inset for maximum security with flush installation. The double protection is ensured with a steel frame inside. There is an adjustable felt lined shelf on the inside to provide additional storage space. There are felt linings on the walls and cushion contents on the back of the quick vault. There is a continuous hinge welded on one end of the quick vault to prevent any sort of pin removal.

Discreet Design

The V – Line quick vault was designed in a way so that it becomes part of your interior without announcing that there is a security safe here or interrupting your overall aesthetics of your room décor. The quick vault is designed to be installed in between the wall studs. The case of the quick vault mounts flush along with the wall’s surface and becomes completely concealed once you hang a photo frame over it. There is a frame attached with the quick vault to ensure this very thing. The attached frame or bezel gives the whole installed quick vault a very clean and finished look to hide away the drywall cuts.

Added Security

The door of the V – Line quick vault is designed in inset to ensure both flush installation as well as maximum security. There is an inner steel frame on the inside of the quick vault to add a double layer of protection against the prying attacks. There is a push button lock which offers with quick and easy access with no usage of batteries or keys. This means there is no chance of running out of batteries. Having no keys means there is no chance of getting them in the wrong hands.

Combination Lock

The Simplex Lock code system is easy to install and change with 1081 possible codes, which I personally don’t like. I don’t think this is a strong enough security against anyone with a persistent mind and ample time. 1081 possible combinations can easily be tried out if one knows there are precious belongings inside worth a lot of value. So I will suggest to make the installation as discreet as possible and not let anyone know that you have valuables in your house unless absolutely necessary. Other than that I will not keep my most precious or super expensive items inside this V – Line quick vault due to this reason.

Spacious Storage

The storage is ample and spacious enough to keep a good amount of stuff along with your guns and ammos. There is an adjustable felt lined shelf added with the quick vault to provide with additional storage space. The V – Line quick vault is large enough to comfortably hold all your wallet, jewelry and small belongings all at once.

The walls of the V – Line quick vault is lined with felt to make the inside more secure and protected against damages like scratches or rattling. The back of the quick vault is cushioned as well. I think this is a nice feature to make the storage area even more secure and safe.

Mounting Option

There are pre drilled holes in the V – Line quick vault to help you in easy installation. The mounting hardware is added and with the help of the instruction manual it can be done super easily and quickly. Mounting is necessary for concealing the quick vault from prying eyes as letting it sit lose in the floor or table will defy the purpose of the attached frame to make the whole gun safe discreet from the unknown person’s eyes.

V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage for Guns and Valuables


  • Spacious enough for keeping your handgun, ammo and some other valuable objects safely in front of your eyes.
  • Discrete design to conceal under a photo frame to become part of the room’s interior decor.
  • Easy to mount to the wall with pre drilled holes.
  • Steel frame on the inside for double protection.


  • The Simplex code can be defeated by anyone with enough time as there can be only 1081 possible combinations.
  • Not super strong against crow bars and as such as the made is not super solid.
  • Can’t be used without mounting the quick vault on the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can this gun safe be installed in between floor joists?

A: No, as this V – Line quick vault model was specifically designed for getting installed in between wall studs.

Q: Is the shelf inside the safe removable?

A: Yes, the shelf inside the safe is removable and you can mount it to any height you want to.

Q: What kind of latch does this gun safe has?

A: The latch is quite small and looks like it could be easily pried open. The latch is there just to keep the things out of direct reach.

Q: Does this gun safe allow for complex combinations?

A: Yes, there are multiple ways in which you can put in the combinations in the lock.


The V – Line quick vault gun safe is especially nice against intruders as it is possible to make the whole process concealed under a photo frame. Anyone who doesn’t know about your safe will definitely have a hard time in getting their hands on to your precious belongings. This best gun safe is great as it uses double protection with an inner steel frame. Another thing I like is how spacious the inner storage becomes with the addition of a removable shelf. I will recommend this product to you if you are looking for a safe that will safely store your items in a discreet way.

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