Verifi Smart Safe Fast Access Biometric Safe with FBI Fingerprint Sensor Review

The fast access biometric safe lets you forget about keeping your keys safe or having a code memorized. The fast access biometric safe can be opened with a finger print almost instantly. The silicon sensor technology of the safe has been certified by the FBI to generate detailed fingerprint images with a 3D imaging system. The biometric safe can be used by everyone, and I think even people who have had bad experience with the biometric safe before will benefit from this.

The premium sensor used in this safe is used by the DHS, DOD and other departments of the government so you can clearly get an idea about how protected the safe is. There are many biometric safes which rely on inexpensive optical sensors which require multiple tries to recognize the finger print. This safe can be opened even with dry and chapped fingers and people in general whose fingers have a hard time in recognizing fingerprints.

Silicon Sensor

The Smart Safe biometric safe uses a silicon sensor which has been certified by the FBI. This silicon sensor employs a 3D imaging system to generate highly detailed finger print images. Due to the details and the superior quality of the finger print images, this gun safe is able to open in an instant, other than those of many competitors’ which rely solely on cheap and faulty optical sensors. Even if you have had bad experience with biometric sensors with the lock not being able to read your finger prints at the first time, I think this safe will work perfectly for you as I have experienced it myself. Even if you deal with dry and chapped fingers, this machine will be able to read it thanks to the super fine images of the silicon sensor.

Self Check

This is another great feature which I have come to like a lot as I think most other manufacturers do not really think about this. After each use of the gun safe, a thorough self diagnostic process is performed. The results are then displayed on the built in LCD, along with the battery level, as in the battery power left for your gun safe. Even when not being used for a long time and in the sleep mode, the Smart Check biometric safe checks itself regularly and alerts you of any problem to keep you well equipped and feeling confident at all times.

Auto Lock

This gun safe has an Auto lock feature which senses when the door is closed and it automatically locks the safe for you. This added security measure means that if the door is closed the safe is locked, even if you don’t lock it absentmindedly one day. I like this feature a lot as it keeps me worry free even if I walk out in a hurry without double checking the lock to make sure it has been locked properly.

Advanced User Management

The Verifi Smart Safe biometric safe uses one of a kind advanced user management to make sure you are in control over adding or deleting any users, assigning privileges to anyone else in the absence of your and changing the default settings. The safe usage can be recalled every single time with the help of automatic logs. This keeps you on track of all the opening and gives you alert if there were a case of trespassing by any chance, which is close to impossible anyway.

Tamper Alert

If you happen to have curious kids or house guests with plenty of time in their disposal, and are always wary of their next move, you don’t need to worry anymore as the tamper alert of the gun safe will set an alert any time any unauthorized user attempts to unlock or reset your fast access biometric gun safe.

Verifi Smart Safe Fast Biometric Fingerprint Safe 


  • The advanced user management lets you add or delete users according to your preference.
  • Any unauthorized attempt will result in sending a tamper alert.
  • The finger print scanner reads correctly every single time.
  • No need to keep track of any keys or memorize any code.


  • The gun safe is very expensive, specially compared to the other ones in the market.
  • Some owners have faced a jammed door after a couple of uses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the fire rating on the gun safe?

A: There is none as the gun safe is not fire proof or fire safe.

Q: Can you program more than one person’s finger print in this safe?

A: Yes, you can store up to 40 different finger prints with one finger per person or 10 different finger prints with four fingers per person in this gun safe.

Q: If the finger print system somehow fails can it opened with a key?

A: Yes, this gun safe comes with a safety key for that very issue.

Q: Does the finger sensor light up?

A: No, but the LCD backlighting provide lighting in the sensor. Other than that the backlighting can be adjusted for intensity allowing lower lights or can be even completely shut off.

Q: How loud is it while it opens?

A: It operates mute under normal circumstances. The alarm and alert noises can be customized according to the needs or even be completely muted.


The Verifi Smart Safe fast access biometric safe is one of its kinds because of the FBI certified fingerprint silicon sensor which makes it work perfectly every single time. The best biometric gun safe is extremely secure and the perfect choice if you want to feel comfortable and confident in having your firearms and valuables protected and within your arm’s reach. The finger print sensor safe is great with other features as well such as the advanced user management, LCD backlighting, the Auto lock feature, the Self check feature etc. I will recommend this product to anyone looking for a heavy duty and overprotective biometric safe.

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