What Are The Top Rated Best Gun Safe

Are you looking to buy the best cheap gun safe? Making sure your guns are protected is one of the best things you can do to ensure your family’s safety. Every year, in America, there are thousands of unintentional deaths due to firearms.

According to the statistics, there are more than 16000 people treated in American hospitals for unintended gunshot wounds.

In addition to securing your family, gun safes have two other important uses:

  • To stay in compliance with local laws
  • To prevent theft

Firearms that aren’t secured in a gun safe are easy and highly sought after targets for criminals. Imagine knowing that a thief used one of your guns against someone else - knowing that you could protect it and prevent it from happening.

At the market today, there are hundreds of safes available for securing your guns. Like with other consumer goods - from lawnmowers to TVs - the differences between the individual products are huge.

In my opinion, if you’re buying a gun safe, you defy the purpose of securing your guns in the first place.

Reasons For Why You Should Get The Best Gun Safe

There are three main reasons for getting the best gun safe:

To Prevent Theft

This could be simply because guns, and especially collector's items, can be resold for a decent amount of money - or worse, the guns can be illegally sold to or used by criminals. Losing something you’ve paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for is bad enough, but knowing that your guns can be used by criminals to harm other people, or even your family in case of a burglary is much worse! Thieves aren’t as stupid as the Hollywood movies make them out to be; if you’re storing guns in lockers or drawers, even “well-hidden”, don’t be surprised if they’re gone one day.

To Secure Children

As a parent, It should be our number one priority, and the very reason I got a gun safe. I didn’t think much about it before my son was born, as I don’t live in a state where the law says you need to store your guns in a safe. Then I read up on how many accidental gun wounds and deaths caused by children playing with guns, and I didn’t want to be part of those statistics - so I got a gun safe right away.

Legislative Requirements

In some states, it’s illegal to have your guns stored outside of an approved gun safe. Not complying with this could give you hefty fines or jail times. These states can be found in the table below

What Are The Top Rated Gun Safe & Requirements

  • The safe must be of a strong structure and made of either solid steel.
  • Strong structure refers to the strength of the container and the use of reasonable force to the sides or top of the container should not result in deflections of the panel or the container.
  • If the safe used for storing these firearms weighs less than 150kg, it must be securely fixed to the frame or floor of a permanent building.
  • The container must have a sturdy combination lock, biometric lock, key lock.
  • The container must be locked other than for the time to remove or replace firearms.
  • Firearms must be unloaded and the bolt must be removed or action broke for storage. The bolt is a major part and is subject to the same storage requirements as the firearm and can be stored with the firearm. Ammunition must be store in a secured area that is separate from the container that holds the firearms.
  • A person who possesses a firearm must take all reasonable precautions to ensure that gun safes for safe storage of firearms, it is not stolen or lost and it does not come into the grab of a person who is not authorized to possess the firearm.

Gun Safe User Guide

  • Do store your firearm in a compliant locked container when not being used or carried.
  • Do store any ammunition for your firearm in a separate locked container.
  • Do take all reasonable precautions to ensure the firearm is kept safely, is not lost or stolen, and does not come into the possession of an unauthorized person.
  • Don’t leave the keys to your firearms safe in a place that is easily accessible by intruders.
  • Don’t locate the safe where it can be accessed easily or insight of intruders like an unlocked garage or shed.
  • Don’t leave power tools or other implements nearby which could be used to break into the safe.
  • Don’t leave a firearm lying around, loaded, or unattended.

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