What You Need To Know About GunVault Gun Safe

When you are a gun owner, you have a big responsibility in ensuring that your firearms are stored securely. Everyday accidents happen because of what could often have been avoided. Do not allow this to happen to you. Instead, invest in a reliable and secure gun safe.

Gunvault has been making gun safes for 25 years already, making them a leading brand for gun safes and other security solutions. When choosing a gun safe, it is important to check on the manufacturer.

They have been the industry leader and innovator in developing quick access gun safes and other security solutions for firearms, handguns, and personal valuables in the last 25 years. GunVault provides the latest technology and design in the industry with unique and patented features that set us apart from the competition.


GunVault Gun Safe Product Features

They have several gun safes for you to choose from. The following are the standard product features when you get a GunVault product.

Biometric Technology

Most of GunVault’s products have a biometric feature. This gives you extra security and peace of mind. The biometric technology is available on many GunVault products with a biometric fingerprint scanner used to access your safe's contents. With all GunVault products is committed to keeping your handguns, firearms and personal valuables secure which is safe, quick, strong, smart.

Biometric technology relies on behavioral or physiological characteristics to perform recognition. This can include fingerprints, scanning faces, handwriting, veins, irises, and voice. Since biometric information is distinct from personal data, the information cannot be recreated or stolen to access personal information. Also, given that everyone has unique physical attributes, such as fingerprints, biometric technology can efficiently and accurately verify authorized users. For safe security, little is more reliable than biometric locks.

If you own a handgun, the perfect safe for you to try is the GunVault SV500 SpeedVault handgun safe. It has a biometric fingerprint scanner and activation. It can hold up to 120 individual fingerprints. It is also easy to access in case you need to use it.


All GunVault products are made of heavy gauge steel for a sturdy exterior while your guns and valuables are secured on the inside with a protective foam-lined interior. It is also constructed not to break during a pry attack.

It also has a high-strength lock mechanism that ensures the safe is secured but it also releases quickly when activated.


One of the best things about getting a GunVault product is its 5 Year Warranty protection for fire and burglary. This simply shows that they are dedicated and committed to giving reliable and high-quality products. Not all manufacturers are willing to give a warranty this long. For this, GunVault is top on my list.

As a frontrunner in the industry, GunVault prides itself on making only the best gun safes. Choosing any of their products will give you the peace of mind you deserve.


The price depends on safe's model, features and quality, but you can get most of the GunVault best gun safe under 1000 dollars and you can get some GunVault gun safe below 500 dollars.

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