Which Gun Safe is The Best To Buy

When you look at the wide array of products available from gun safe sales sites, it is easy to get lost in all the options that focus on everything from fire resistance to reinforced steel.

According to the police officers should attempt to purchase a safe with the thickest steel. They also can afford while purchasing the best gun safe that is one size larger than the individual thinks is necessary.


Steel Thickness For a Quality Gun Safe

The police author suggests that steel thickness is a factor that most directly contributes to how difficult a gun safe can be to compromise by an unauthorized user. Especially in the case of theft, simple drilling techniques can often make their way through a minimum-security safe in very little time. Allowing criminals instant access to valuables including firearms, ammunition, jewelry and other items that the owner wishes to keep for him/herself. Composite doors are a thing to look out for because of their apparent secure visual impact that can mislead a consumer who doesn’t spend a lot of time shopping for safes. Don’t forget to consider the thickness of the steel in the gun safe’s body. Steel sheets are measured in gauges and a smaller number means a thicker sheet. The 7 gauge body is much thicker than a 12 gauge body.

Check Locking Bolts

Another thing to keep an eye out the metal used for securing locking bolts inside the door. Lots of best gun safe under $500 available on the market now have 10 or more massive moving bolts that seal the door to the body when the handle is thrown. These bolts might look solid but sometimes the internal workings are very flimsy. Bolts ride on the carriers inside the door that retract or extend the bolts when turned the handle. The bolt carrier rail under the door had been bent when the bolt shut against the door jamb. If it takes such a little amount of effort to bend the internal parts, I question the amount of force the bolt could withstand in an actual housebreaker attack.

Fire Protection

Of course, one of the main considerations gun safe buyers are looking out for today is fire resistance. Having a gun safe that is exposed to extreme heat can result in a catastrophe that could escalate a simple fire into something much more dangerous and even explosive. Gun safes that are rated to maintain their integrity for at least one hour under 1,200 degrees heat is recommended, who has been a law enforcement officer for 15 years and also served as a Military Police Officer in the U.S. Army.

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